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by Courtney C

teacher: Melanie Transue

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CP English 1
Miss Transue
1 February 2012

Free Writing February

Giving Me A Chance

Did you ever try something new that you never did before? This year I tried out for cheerleading and I made the squad. I almost did not make it. My coach said, “I am going to give you a chance to do this…but you better put effort into it.” Trying out for cheerleading was risky and scary. It was risky because I could have gotten cut and scary because the judges watch you during try outs.
Now the basketball team only has four games left. We have one Friday-home, Tuesday Feb. 7 away- Friday, Feb. 10-away, and Tuesday Feb 14-home. Coach Nicky is having a baby boy. She decided to take the squad somewhere after cheerleading is done. She wanted to go to Olive Garden then to the mall. She would hang out with the cheerleading squad next Wednesday for the end of the season get together. The whole basketball cheerleading squad is so excited to go to the mall and Olive Garden.
I want to be able to cheer for the boys’ basketball team again next year. The boys like for us to cheer for them because they tell us how nice we did and they like some of the cheers. I hope I make it for the cheerleading squad next year and I am so glad Nicky took a chance on me this year. You should take a chance and try out for something you want to do. You never know how good it could turn out.

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