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Born with Wings-

One to One computing room

by teacher: Matt McCartney
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the hobby zone 3 ch champ 11/27/12
my f106 fire wolf rc heli from xheli.com 11/26/12
this is apicture of my rc p51 11/26/12
B2 spirit (stealth bomber) 04/13/12
whats YOUR favorite thing to do when you have free or spare time? 04/12/12
WWII news paper For American Pickers Contest 04/12/12
Otto lillienthals glider 03/29/12
Treat the the school with respect!!! 03/26/12
Leonardo Da Vinci's glider video 03/24/12
LT.Col.Bob Friend 03/03/12
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Col.Rusty Burns Tuskegee Airman of WWII 02/29/12
Awesome B-17 Video with Other Planes 02/18/12
B-25 mitchel 02/11/12
tattoos on this town By Jason Aldean 02/11/12
Inquiry Project 02/10/12
this is a spray plane 02/06/12
5th grade kindness reatreat 02/05/12
wicked guitar!!! 01/31/12
January 27th,1939 01/30/12
My Paper Glider 01/18/12
My rc heli 01/14/12
Flying my r/c heli 01/06/12
The German Flag 01/05/12
Happy new year, 01/01/12
What Did you Get for Christmas?? 12/27/11
Picture of What I think I will get for Christmas 12/24/11
funny picture 12/23/11
p40 dog fight 12/17/11
wow that was a close call 12/17/11
fly by 12/17/11
stunt bi-plane 12/17/11
You've seen my Blog, Have I Seen yours? 12/17/11
Glacier Girl 12/16/11
ch-47 chinook 12/16/11
black hawk animation 12/16/11
The DFW 12/10/11
The F/A-18 Hornet 12/10/11
the fokker dr1 tri-plane 12/10/11
Fokker EIII 12/08/11
this is a real chinook 12/05/11
Did you know? 12/01/11
My Bio person! 11/30/11
The B-17 Bomber 11/21/11
the AT-6 Texian 11/19/11
where the ferrari logo came from 11/19/11
the SR-71 black bird 11/16/11
The worlds biggest plane the Spruce Goose 11/15/11
the sopwith camel 11/15/11
P40 are super super Awesome!!!! 11/15/11
this picture of the p40 11/15/11
the best veiw of the p40 11/15/11
the p40 drifing slowly into low flight 11/15/11
p51 or stearman? 11/13/11
did you know? 11/13/11
this is what the albatros dva looked like when Manfred Von richethofen owned it! 11/13/11
up north 11/10/11
whats your favirote plane??? 11/07/11
The Messerschmitt BF 109G 11/03/11
My RC plane! 10/29/11
The Stearman 10/29/11
The Cessna 10/27/11
The Piper J3 Cub 10/22/11
Iam a Leader in ... 10/17/11
this looks like a digital picture of the structer of the albotros D.va 10/08/11
this a super cool drawing of an abotros D.va 10/08/11
this is the albatros D.va 10/08/11
p51 or Sterman 10/03/11
what do you think is better? The Sterman or the P 51? 10/03/11
Guitar 10/01/11
what in the Albotros red baron? 09/30/11
Colder Weather -by The Zac Brown Band 09/30/11
Happy Homecoming! 09/30/11
My Russian Tortoise 09/29/11
new guitar songs 09/28/11
What Our Gecko Looks Like 09/28/11
mcc's weathering park 09/28/11
My Weathering Park 09/28/11
Are new Lepard Gecko Jaws !!!!! 09/26/11
R/C practice!! 09/25/11
About Me!! 09/24/11
7 RANDOM Things About Me!! 09/22/11
RC Piper j3 Cub video!! 09/10/11
RC Copter Video!! 09/09/11
The Helicopter I am Saving For 09/09/11

 One of the of the cells in my heli battery fried so I cant fly it. Luckily there is a hobby store in medford but if they don't have the battery I need that stinks. 


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About the Blogger

I am 12 and I am in 5th grade. My dad is my teacher and I from southern Minnisota. I have loved planes since I could remember and wanted to be a pilot and still do. I fly Remote control helis and planes as you can see the title of my blog. I play guitar Ive played guitar 8 years. My Grandpa is a pilot.And I Love to draw! I have had stitches on my chin(lost control on my scooter) and my pinky toe(jammed it in van seat) and my eyebrow (someone chucked hockey puck at me and ended up centemeters from my eye)

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