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teacher: Matt McCartney

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Once upon a time there was a very insincere princess. She went into town and saw an old women in a wheelchair. The old women dropped her groceries and the princess kicked the womens groceries all over. Now the groceries were untidy. Then the princess saw a little girl who had a disorder and the princess just walked right past her. Then one day the princess's father said she had to buy a gift for a child that had a disease. Even thoe the child she had to buy the gift for was unknown, the princess went into town to buy a gift. She bout an inexpensive gift for the child. The princess showed her father the gift she bout. Her father said;"Well this is a good gift, but it just won't do for this occasion." The princess really wished she hadn't made that mistake. So the princess went back into town. Then on her way to the toy shop she saw three kids getting into some mischeif. So the princess said;"Hey leave him alone. He's no different than you are." Then the three mean children ran away. Then the princess met the person she had to give the gift to. It was a little girl did not disrespect the princess at all. The princess liked that very much. The princess was unaware that she smiled for the first time in a long time.

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I love sports. But my favorite sport is definitely volleyball. Volleyball is a fun and team sport.

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