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by teacher: Mrs. Lubich
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World History Fair- Epilogue
World history has affected our lives today because it shaped the path to today. Had things not happened the way they happened this world would be extremely different. You or I probably wouldn’t be here. My guiding question was, ‘How has the trebuchet affected warfare?’ It affected warfare by introducing a ranged siege weapon that could outrange arrows and bring down walls. It shaped empires and destroyed empires. The world would be quite different if the trebuchet did not exist. I learned that the French made it Europe’s favorite siege weapon. I thought the most interesting part of this project was finding out that the trebuchet was invented in China. Gunpowder was also invented there and overthrew the trebuchet from its throne.


I liked what people had done for their projects. I learned that the romans defeated Carthage by having a special formation to take out the powerful war elephants. I also learned that the Mongolians had the trebuchet that the Chinese invented. It was pulled by men. I learned a lot in this project and I wish I could do some parts over.

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