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As I was gagged and tied in a corner I could feel every eye staring at me. I had my eyes close with a gun to my head. But, how I ended up in such a situation, you may wonder. Well, it all started yesterday, I was on my daily commute when, all of a sudden, I saw a sight I could not believe. My favorite book store just got the new book, Dungeon of the Wardens. That’s where I made my first mistake.  I swerved in a U-turn on a non U-turn intersection. No cop saw me, but as I realized my mistake I got all depressed because I tarnished my perfect personal driving record. I lost control and crashed into a jewelry store. Turns out I just helped a bunch of gangsters rob the place. They took the loot, grabbed me, and drove away from the scene. I said what they did was not good moral character and lectured them until they slapped a piece of duct tape over my mouth. They took me to a warehouse that stored medical supplies. I was tossed to the floor, and was asked my name.

 “Fr-Fr-Fr, Frank,” I responded.


 One guy came up to me. He reeked of body odor and was a big burley character. He removed his ski mask and stared at me. He asked one of the other guys what to do. One gut opened a box and tossed him a syringe; the man gave a sick sadistic smile.

 When I rose from my drugged slumber I realized we were on a cargo plane.

The droning of the engines was deafening. The flight dragged on for an hour or so. We landed in an abandoned air field where they took me to a hanger. All of a sudden, I heard a helicopter. Suddenly, I feel a gun go to my head; I see the hanger doors open policemen shoot all the gangsters. When I get back to work I realize that my boss docked my pay for the week.


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