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“No!  No!  GO AWAY!  GO AWAY!  You left me!”  I screamed, shaking the bars of the Iron Gate in the front as I watched my brother walk up to the gate toward me.  I must have been screaming aloud, because I heard my friends trying to shake me awake.  I wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t open my eyes.

“Beat!  Beat!”  I heard Lucca whisper in my ear.  I felt the hands of Storm on my shoulder, trying to shake me awake.  I couldn’t wake up.

“GO AWAY!”  I cried, my hands gripping the iron bars and my head leaning on the space between the two.

“Beat!”  Lucca whispered again.  I opened my eyes, tears streaking down my cheeks.  I whipped them away quickly.  I’ve had horror dreams like this since I was a little kid.  Every time I would scream and cry in my sleep, my parents would shake me awake and try to calm me down.  The dream itself wouldn’t be what makes me cry or freak out, I could deal with the dreams.  The reason I’d freak out is because my dreams become reality.  I can basically predict or change the future through my dreams.  What just happened in my dream has actually just happened.  My brother was at that gate now, the gate had been shaken, but I wasn’t seen and I wasn’t there now.

“Beat!  Are you alright?”  Lucca asked.  She brushed my bangs away from my face, just like any sister would.

“I’m fine.”  I mumbled, looking away from her.  It was embarrassing to be cry in front of anyone, let alone Lucca.  I felt the tears keep coming, non-stop even after I was awake.  My whole body was shaking; I could not calm myself down at all.

“Why were you screaming?”  Storm asked me.

“Oh?  I was screaming.  I’m sorry.  I had a dream that my brother was at the gate and I didn’t want him here.  I said, groggily and a little nervous.  Storm then dashed out of the room.  Maybe he knew my secret.  That was ok with me, as long as no one else knew.




As I dashed down the corridor and out into the front walkway, leading me up to the gate.  Sure enough, beat’s brother, duke, was there at the gate, looking dazed.  The gatekeeper there looked shocked at something, maybe the sight of Duke at the gate.  I walked up to the gatekeeper on duty, nervous at what would happen since I wasn’t at my post.

“Hey!”  I said, coming up behind him.

“You’re supposed to be on duty, Storm.”  He said.

“The queen needed to talk to me.  What happened here?  You seem shocked and frazzled.”  I said.

“Someone was trying to get past the gate, but I couldn’t see anyone.”

“An invisible person, huh?  Maybe he was trying to get in. he has mind powers you know.”  I said, picking on Beat’s brother just to see his face.  I didn’t like Duke either.  He was mainly the cause of Beat’s gloomy and antisocial personality.  No one could make him smile or laugh, no matter how hard they tried.

“Why the heck am I here?”  Duke asked, bewildered at how he had somehow woken up here.

“Well, I think you have a bad case of sleepwalking on your hands.  Is this the first time you’ve woken up in a different place?”  I asked.  He shook his head.  I nodded.

“ what about your post, Storm?” the gatekeeper on duty asked, pointing out that this probably was the only time I hadn’t been on my post when  I was supposed to.  I couldn’t help it if Lucca had dragged me to beat’s room when I was on duty.

“I’ll get to that in a second.  Hey, duke, I have a game.  It’s called ‘run from here before Beat sees you’.  Doesn’t that sound fun?”  I sounded like an adult that is annoyed with their kid.

“I already know that game, and there is no way I would play it.  And it’s Sonic, not Duke.”  Snobby little kid.

“Whatever, just go back to wherever you came from.  I think Kyler might be worried about you.” I said, giving him my best ‘so what’ look. He turned and then walked off. The gatekeeper gave me a look that told me to get to my post and get to work.

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