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Are you asking me about school? Oh, I see. I admire and dislike school for many reasons.

First, you learn for a better future. Do you want to go to college. I bet not right now with all the drama in your life, but later you'll soon realize college is the difference from being rich and working two jobs at fast food restaraunts. Another is you want to be a millionair and not have to to worry about being behind on finacial difficulties, right? Well finish school and you'll have a higher chance of getting a job with better income and low hours. Or you could do something you actually want to do, for example some people want to teach or become stunt plane pilots. You have to have training to do basically everything there is to do. Take cooking for example, you can't just wing it or you'll burn yourself. So you learn for great reasons, right?
Except, there is a problem. Long class times and small teacher teams sometimes making learning difficult. Everyone knows about the hour long class lectures and you just fall asleep and if the teachers catch you, get ready for the storm. Large classes make learning near impossible because you don't get the individual help you need and deserve. How would you like to see the same exact people everyday? Most people get a varyation of teachers on a schedule, but on my team I see each person everyday (except my math teacher).
Finally, on a positive note, kids get to be themselves at school. Some people love to get to school and hang with friends all day, even if they can't talk. Teachers and councelors are also available for help and someone to talk to. People will be able to see YOU not the boy/girl behind the mask.
-Amamda M.

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