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Article posted March 5, 2012 at 11:09 PM GMT • comment • Reads 110

Dear mom,

Hi mom I wanted to ask you something but I wanted to make it so that I could also persuade you more to agree with me. I hope you like it and agree with me.

Okay mom what I really want is a Yorkshire-terrier, Yorkie Poo or Shih Tzu for myself. I want to tell you 6 reasons of why I want one and what I will do to get one. First I will clean it’s bathroom area. So you don’t have to see what comes out of the puppy.

My second reason is I will feed it and give it water. So you don’t have to touch her food or water.

My third reason is I will work a lot harder in school than I do now. Because I don’t work to my highest and best potential. But when I get a puppy I will be so happy.

My fourth reason is I will help around the house more than ever. I know I don’t always help around the and when I have a puppy I will have to clean up her mess so I will just clean up things as well.

My fifth reason is I will not fight with Bridgette. Bridgette and I always fight but when I have puppy I will be busy with cleaning and playing with her (my puppy) and I will not have a chance to be able to fight with Bridgette even if I want to.

My sixth reason is if we get one I will try to pay you money for letting my puppy and I will do all of these things for you. If I am not able to pay you then I will do extra stuff you pick for me to do.

I hope you liked it and you now agree with me and if you do I will not let you down I will do all of these things. I hope you agree with me mom. I love you and I hope you choose to get me one.

Love your daughter,


Article posted March 5, 2012 at 11:09 PM GMT • comment • Reads 110

Article posted February 3, 2012 at 05:09 PM GMT • comment • Reads 50

There was once a duck named Huck

He had a friend named Chuck

Huck and Chuck liked to swim

They liked to go to the underwater gym

The always did the olypicluck

Article posted February 3, 2012 at 05:09 PM GMT • comment • Reads 50

Article posted January 19, 2012 at 04:55 PM GMT • comment • Reads 42


I like to play golf

I am a girly cowgirl

This is about me

Article posted January 19, 2012 at 04:55 PM GMT • comment • Reads 42

Article posted December 7, 2011 at 04:49 PM GMT • comment • Reads 40

It was a rainy day outside, when I and Otto woke up from being on a long journey to get to our piece of land. When we woke up we were in the middle of nowhere and we were in our wagon. When we started to get going again we were finally getting to our piece of land. When we were finally getting to our land we noticed a house and a little farm getting bigger and bigger so we figured it was our neighbors.

When we got to the neighbors we saw a grown man and a young man out working out on the yard. I told Otto to get down and to introduce us. He did and when he did the grown man, Bob, asked if we would want to join him for dinner. Otto said yes, accurse because we had nothing grown, not a house to have supper in so we were more than happy to come over.

So that night we went over and we had supper with them. They had told us that they had been homesteading for about three years. So we learned that they were a family of four. The dads name was Bob, the mother was Barbara, the son Michael, and there was a baby on the way her name would be Patricia. We said that once we had got ourselves settled we would invite there family over.

When Otto was starting to get some wood from a market 30 miles away he started to put the framing of the house up. So that night we had to stay in the wagon and sleep in there. I was so glad that we had nice friendly neighbors and they cared for us. That night Otto stayed up until dawn and he worked on the house. He planned for it to be a medium sized house not to big not to small just right so we could grow a family there. And he also wanted it to be a rock or brick house. So the next day he went to the same little market and he bought both wood and rock. He said “I want you to pick the type”. So when he arrived I pick the brick house instead of the rock house.

So he had the frame he just needed to put the brick up. So while he did that I went over to the neighbors and I talked to Barbara. She and I wanted to put together some blankets for the upcoming winter. While we were doing that she gave me some advice for the days to come until we got to settling down here in Nebraska. So she said I will need to the basics that I need to keep warm and all the stuff you would have to do to keep warm. That night Otto finished the house and we slept in there that night.

The next morning it was like about 2 o’clock in the morning and me and Otto woke up and when we saw and smelled that there was a fire. We went outside and the whole outside was burned prairie. So we quickly went into action we grabbed a bucket of water we had brought with us for the trip. So we through that all over the prairie and we tried not to panic.

We ended up staying up all night that night so we went over to the neighbors and we told them everything that had happened. They said the same the same thing happened to them .so we just stayed there that night and the boys stayed up and watched to make sure nothing would happen.

The next morning Barbara made us break feast and then here and in went to the hair parlor. She said it would be a welcoming present, So I let her take me. When we got there like 1 hour later, she let me get some groceries and some other needs. Then she took me to get my hair done. I loved going with her she was like my mother by know.

When we got back Bob was helping Otto with some tinkering in case something at our house happens. Barbara and I went into the house and we sat down and I made some of the tea I got at the store. And we talked about some of the other neighbors and how not to go to Georgia’s house and ask for something. We invited them over for dinner. I made my family’s secret recipe for green bean casserole. Everyone liked it. The kids played outside. And the adults just chatted. We had a great time.

That night Otto and me had such a great night. We got to sleep in our own bed and not in the wagon. And we had a great friend gathering. I and Otto decided we wanted to have kids like the Johnson’s. So that night we wanted to go to the market and get some supplies for the baby. So we just got the stuff we would need the most. So we go some cloth to make diapers, and some little bottles, and we got different color cloth to make clothes for the baby(s).

That next morning we went over to Barbara’s house and we told here we would them that we would be expecting. And she said that she was sooooooo happy for us. And then everyone started to cry. And we told here that Otto would be going away for a little while because he wanted to make money for when the baby(s) came. He wanted to get a job as a carpenter but there wasn’t a person who needed anyone for like about 300 miles south so he decided that he would just work for anything he could do.

So he left this upcoming morning and when he left he was so nervous to leave me alone. But he wanted the baby(s) to have a good life. So he decided to only leave for two months, he’d come back in time for the baby(s) to be born and to watch the baby(s) grow. So he left on the month that we had settled in the little house.

I told Barbara that I would be fine by myself, because she was still so nervous for me. When I got back home I found out that we had not had any food in the cupboard or in the shelves. I saw that there were a pack of javelinas that were feeding. So I had thought that the box that Spencer my brother gave me would have something very valuable in there so I could sell it but when I went to go look in the box I found nothing I was soooooo shocked that there was nothing in there so I got soooooooooo mad at Spencer I wanted to beat him so bad.

So that same day I went over to Barbara’s house and I told her everything and she gave some of her corn she had grown and she gave me some dinner in a paper plate. I told her that I didn’t know what I was going to do for those next two months. She said she would take me out to go shopping by the nearby town but she had to take ots of food because it was like 2or 3 days away.

I loved that she cared for me and she was willing to take me out to go shopping I told her that I would d lots of stuff for her around the house. She said it wouldn’t be necessary but I told her I would do it just because. So when we were on our way there we were talking the whole way about baby names and what to do so the baby doesn’t get an outy.

A few days’ later we arrived to that little town. It was so small. It had a few little cute shops. They looked like the ones I went to when I went to my mom when I was a little child. We went into about 3 different shops. I found a bunch of cute little pieces of cloth. Then we decided to go to the grocery store. It wasn’t really a store it was just a little fruit and veggie stand. Then we went home and it took us another 2 days. When we finally arrived to the house we were so happy to be home. When I got home I started to knit the little clothes and onezies for the kids.

…9 months later…

When I was fully pregnant Otto was back and we were about to have the baby. One nigh I woke Otto and I told him that my water broke so I told him to go get Barbara. When he came back the kids were about to come out. When they came out they were a boy and a girl there names were Patricia and Jake Ryan. They were the cutest little kids in the world. I loved them.

The End

Article posted December 7, 2011 at 04:49 PM GMT • comment • Reads 40

Article posted November 10, 2011 at 05:20 PM GMT • comment • Reads 59

Dear Nana and Tata,

Hula abuelitos, how are you guys? I miss you a lot. How are things going over there? Over here I don’t like it but Niño Lenny says we will be free once we get to the new land so I just hope we get there safe and sound. And once we get settled in you can come visit. Let me tell you how my days here on the mayflower have been.

Well on the first day when we left England we were all nervous. Mama and Bridgette got sick right away. But nothing serious like tuberculosis it was just seasickness. Niño and me got sick on the third day. I felt terrible especially because we were all wet cause all of the storms. I just wanted to go back but we couldn’t we were already far out in the deep, vast ocean. I wanted to die. This went on the whole time we were there except for the being sick that was only going on for like about 3 weeks so we all ended up fine. We just were cold the whole time.

Do you know what we had for food? We had salt; bean, pork and we had dry biscuits and cheese. I felt like barfing the whole time we were on there. We wanted to die cause we were not use to this white people food besides from the beans and pork. Cause you always make us sopita or albondigas and nice green tea. So I didn’t like it I threw up several times. Yuck=http://!

We slept in the bottom deck and we were all cramped up I couldn’t ever stretch my legs me, nati or Niño, or mama. And if you haven’t guessed already Niño really want to die he hates being on this little tiny boat when he I like a giant. So hasn’t been able to sleep. We need room to breath especially us cause we are cursed with these long legs.

Well nana and Tata this has been our journey on the mayflower. But I will keep you updated. Okay, I love you. I will get back to you soon! I love you write back.

Article posted November 10, 2011 at 05:20 PM GMT • comment • Reads 59

Article posted October 25, 2009 at 06:00 AM GMT • comment • Reads 41

Do you know some of Ben Franklins big ideas are? I do and I would like to tell you some of them. I think you will really enjoy

Did you know that Ben Franklin published the first almanac for there time? Do you know what he out inside of it? He put weather forecasts and when to plant when nit to plant etc.

You probably know that Ben Franklin figured out that lightning and electricity is the same thing. He put a lightning rod on top of the house or barn. So it would hit the rod not a tree and the tree and not catch the tree on fire.

If you didn’t know Ben Franklin was a very good negotiator. He went over to France to ask to help us with war. He also got called to the British government. While he got laughed at, shouted at, and insulted. But he still never did anything violent.

These where just some of Ben Franklins big ideas. He was a very, very smart and important man. But sadly he died when he was 84 on April17 at 11 o’clock at night. R.I.P :(

Article posted October 25, 2009 at 06:00 AM GMT • comment • Reads 41

Article posted October 5, 2011 at 07:45 PM GMT • comment • Reads 55

Do you know what Ben Johnson meant when he said “he is not of an age but for all time”? Well, I do and I would like to share what I know with you.

I believe that he meant that William Shakespeare is a man that will never be forgotten and he was the age of poetry. I also know that they have made lots of his plays into movies. He is also very famous because of the poetry he 77. A lot of us today still read his poetry, and watch his movies, and read about his life and try to figure out what he did in the lost years. He was also very famous n the 1500 hundreds, and was not just famous in the years he was alive. This is what I learned when it comes to the GREAT WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.THANKS FOR READING.

Article posted October 5, 2011 at 07:45 PM GMT • comment • Reads 55

Article posted September 20, 2011 at 11:37 PM GMT • comment • Reads 52

Hi my name is Ashley and I would like to tell you about my story that me, and my friends Kayla Fatima and Annalisa are going to do well here it goes I hope you like it!

It is about these friends that are at school and we are going to go on a mystery because we think that the school is haunted so we go on a adventure like thing and it becomes really mysteries. we have sooo much fun.

I would like to tell you about the things we will be using we are going to use a green screen a computer and a flip camera. I think that will be all we will be using

I am sooo exited to do this. Thank you for reading.:)

Article posted September 20, 2011 at 11:37 PM GMT • comment • Reads 52

Article posted September 12, 2011 at 09:43 PM GMT • comment • Reads 40

A good story needs adventure, mystery, funny parts and sad parts. If you want adventure you need more than one character and you need the people to be very adventurous. You also need funny and sad parts and the people need to really good with emotion. Mystery needs funny sad parts and adventure like I said before, it needs real good people that are good with emotion, and you need your characters to be very adventures. This is what you need if you want a real good story I think .

Article posted September 12, 2011 at 09:43 PM GMT • comment • Reads 40

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