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Oh, Rosalie
Narrator is: Cody

After Uncle Dock comes back from his long walk with Rosalie, Rosalie does not return with him. Sophie said, “Where is Rosalie?”“Yeah” I said. “Where is she?” asked everybody else. Uncle Dock said, “She is gone.” “Wait where is she?” I asked. Uncle dock said again “She is gone.” “Gone.” “Gone.” Gone.” Bompie knew exactly what Uncle Dock was talking about. “Where did she go?” asked Uncle Mo. “She went to Spain.” Uncle dock replied. Bompie said, “Go get her. Go. Go.” Bompie said. Uncle Dock said, “It is no use she is gone. She's going to Spain and her plane leaves in 20 minutes.” “Did you propose?” Sophie asked. “Yes. She said it was too soon.” “What do you mean too soon? You have been looking for her your whole life.” said Sophie. The argument continued.

The Argument
Narrator is Sophie

Uncle Dock, Uncle Mo, Uncle Stew and Bompie all got in an argument. Uncle Mo was saying, “It’s just a girl get over it.” Bompie kept on saying, “If you love her than go get her.” Uncle Stew said, “Go you only have 15 minutes ‘til her plane leaves. Finally Uncle Dock was motivated and said, “Wait here if I don’t come back get The Wanderer and come to Spain!” Off he went to get the girl of his dreams! Until Cody stopped him and said “Wait take my dog log and write in it and then, give it back so that I can read about your adventure to Spain!”

The Flight Attendant
Narrator is Uncle Dock

Off I went to the airport to look for the lovely Rosalie. It feels weird writing in this dog log as Cody wanted me too but here I am at the airport. I saw Rosalie in the airport and she didn’t see me but she was already getting ready to get on the plane! I ran towards her and tried to get in but the flight attendant didn’t let me on! I begged, I pleaded, I bribed and then she finally let me on! I knew bribing would work! I got on the plane and sat next to Rosalie. She was so happy but yet she was embarrassed because she said, “No”, to my marriage in the first place. We got off the plane. It was quite awkward at first. I noticed Rosalie wanted to tell me something. When we arrived at the hotel in Spain Rosalie exclaimed, “Dock you are the love of my life, I will marry you!” I stayed in shock for a couple of minutes but I realized Bompie was right. Mission accomplished!

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