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Do you know about the Jr. Iditarod? If you don’t then keep reading and you will know all about it. I will tell you about how the racers and dogs are protected, how much food they need and much, much more!!

Do you ever think about how much food the dogs need in their long journey through the Jr. Iditarod? It is 2 lbs. per dog. You would think that would be a lot of food, but it really isn’t that much food. They get tired, and when they are tired they get hungry. They only carry 2 pounds of food per dog so that no racer has more food and no racer has less food.

Racers also have checkpoints. These checkpoints are created to protect racers and their dogs. You are probably wondering why they have checkpoints and how they are useful, and how they protect. They have a list with the racer's name and how many dogs they have. If they get there and they don’t have the same amount of dogs they are supposed to have or if they don’t come at all then they probably should send out a search pod or something else. At the checkpoints they check the dog’s paws and if the dogs have cracks in their paws they will give the dogs little booties. Those little booties will help the dogs through their long journey and make it much easier.

There is also a halfway checkpoint for the racers and dogs. They have to stay at that checkpoint for at least 10 hours. During the 10 hours the racers prepare. They feed their dogs and they rest. When the racers rest they have to sleep with their dogs on the ground. It might not sound comfortable but at least they get to sleep. Usually at night the racers build a fire that helps them keep them and their dogs warm.

That is all about what I know about the Jr. Iditarod. I told you about the checkpoints, the halfway checkpoint, and the food for the dogs. I hope you enjoyed this essay about the long journey of the Jr. Iditarod. Thank you!

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