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Do you know what the Jr. Iditarod is? In my blog I’m going to write about the Iditarod Dream and how the racers protect their dogs. Iditarod helps protect the racers and the dogs. The Jr. Iditarod is when different people go to Nome, Alaska carrying medicine for the people in Nome that are really sick and they can only survive with medicine. It is just like a relay race but they aren’t using the metal things, they use the medicine. They hand them off to each other using their sleds and their dogs. They mush and mush until they reach the person that they’re supposed to give it to them.

The mushers have to carry 32 pounds of dog food, 2 pounds per dog. Also each musher has 16 sled dogs! Once they reach each checkpoint, they can feed their dogs, if they want to. When they reach the half way point, they feed their dogs again, and they have to wait ten hours. After their ten hours are up, they get to leave and continuing mushing.

Also when they reach the half way point, the mushes must check the dog’s paws to see if the dogs have little scratches, and if their paws are really cold. If the have the scratches they put little booties on their paws. The booties help the dog’s paws get warmer and they help them make the trip easier and faster.

Thanks for reading my essay on my blog!

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Hi my name is Sophia. I am 11 years old. My friends names are Chante, Kayla, Julia, Rudi and Ashley. I have one sister, Alena, one mom and dad. I also have two dogs and one fish!

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