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Community Comparison

Haddonfield vs Winnipeg

By Nicholas

          Today I will be sharing my research about my hometown Haddonfield and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I found this information by our Skype sheets which are notes from when we Skyped with Ms. Nairn’s class who live in Winnipeg, a website that gives information about Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and Ms. Narin’s 2nd grade class blog. I think my hometown Haddonfield is different than Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. If you read more you can find the similarities of my home town and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

There is a lot of stuff alike between my hometown Haddonfield and Winnipeg. For the similarities, kids in both places play soccer, snowboard, and both play video games. We also both live in a suburban community.  Plus we both live on earth. So, if you like this keep reading to find out the differences and then you will learn more about Haddonfield and Winnipeg.

There are a lot of differences like Haddonfield is in the United States and Winnipeg is in Canada. Also, we both like different sport teams like we mostly like the Eagles and they like the Blue Bombers. People in Winnipeg live farther North and people in Haddonfield live more South. I hope you learned there a lot of differences between Haddonfield and Winnipeg.

I like learning this information because you get to learn more about your town and someone else’s town. When you finish, you let a lot of people see it by putting it on your blog.





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