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3H 2011-12

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teacher: Sue Halbert

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Soccer Ball

By: Hailey

Inside the soccer ball, the summer shower.

Inside the sunny shower, the clean ocean.

Inside the clean ocean, the grassy green clovers.

Inside the grassy green clovers, the blooming red roses.

Inside the blooming red roses, the dogs legs of a cheetah.

Inside the dogs legs of a cheetah, the happiness of joy.

Inside the happiness of joy, the soccer ball.


Field hockey

Athletic, energetic

Running, hitting, scoring

Really fun to play




Fun, fair

Running, scoring, throwing

Lacrosse is like basketball




Helpful, nice

Dancing, running, talking

Emma is the best





Awesome, active

Spinning, dancing, flipping

 Dancing is really energetic





Fun, active

Running, kicking, dribbling

Really fun to play



I am

I am the legs of a dog that runs to catch happiness.

I am the bright sky that makes the day shine.

I am the white cloud that moves with you.

I am the hot red that is before blue flames.

I am the beautiful ocean that goes over your body.

I am the sister who protects her sister.

I am the friend who is always there for others.

I am forgiving from this day from now on.

I am alive, I am beautiful.


If I were In charge Of the World

If I were in charge of the world,

I’d get rid of week day mornings,


Work days and also,

Justin Bieber


If I were in charge of the world,

There’d be 2 hours of recess,

Everybody around the world would have a pen house and,

Soy and milk chocolate will be every meal.


If I were in charge of the world,

You wouldn’t have to go to bed,

You wouldn’t have to eat veggies,

And you could have anything and you could get it.


If I were in charge of the world,

Any sweets would be healthy,

All the things in the world, you wouldn’t have to pay the cash,

A person, who likes these rules, would still be allowed to be in charge of the world.


When there was a weird looking cloud,

It was a fancy gown

It looked like the cloud was looking down


In the soccer game, I was dared,

In the soccer game, I was paired,

In the soccer game, I am scared


Outside, I saw a squirrel,

That went to twirl,

While it was wearing my pearl


There was a cat that had a toe,

It could also throw,

Then it was dancing to the disco


This is blue

The color of a shoe

The gum that you chew

The color up the sky without clouds

The color of makeup on a clown

Blue is a sign of sad

Blue is the opposite of mad

Blueberry pie

Goes with a blue tie

The globe is mostly filled with blue

Blue is not the color of a clue

Blue is the color of eyes

Blue is the color.  


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the bravest woman of them all?

The women that is 5.4 feet

Mirror, mirror I don’t feel torn

It is Snow White and the seven dwarves

Snow White has a team

You just have me

You always scream

Whoever is evil, Snow White is never mean.





















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I’m a third grader and Ms. Halbert is awesome. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball because they are really fun sports to play. My favorite place is Avalon, New Jersey. There is a shop called Avalon Freeze and that shop has awesome ice cream. I love Asian noodles and not a lot of people eat them. My favorite game is pay day. It is a money game but you use fake money. My favorite book is monster High: The Goulgh Next door and that is all about my blog!!

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