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Community Comparison Haddonfield vs. Durango

By Katie

Hi! Today I will be sharing my research about comparing my hometown Haddonfield, New Jersey and Durango, Colorado. I got my research by Skyping with Mr. Honold’s second grade class, looking on their blog, and looking on the Internet. I think that Durango, Colorado has many differences from Haddonfield but some similarities with Haddonfield. Read on and find out about the differences and the similarities with Durango, Colorado and Haddonfield, New Jersey.

       Now, I will be talking about the similarities with Durango, Colorado and Haddonfield, New Jersey. One way that we are the same is that Colorado has the same national capital as us (which is Washington D.C.). Colorado is also a state in the U.S.A., on North America, and on the planet Earth just like Haddonfield. Another way they are similar is that the kids in Durango like to play sports and video games and in the summer they like to swim in pools just like Haddonfield kids! Also, they have bugs and birds around their area just like us too! A couple of other things that are the same are that they go to an Elementary school and have recess too. The last thing is that they have computers and we do too. Those are all of the similarities between us. Read on for the differences between Haddonfield and Durango.

Some differences between Durango, Colorado and Haddonfield, New Jersey are that their school is called Riverview and ours is called Tatem. We also have many more animals then them. We have squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies. But those are only some of them. Another different thing is that our school mascot is a tiger and theirs is an eagle. We are not sure what specials are offered in their school but we get offered lots like Art, P.E., and Music. There are many more things that are different, but I have to move on. Also, we like different sports teams than them like we like the Eagles (football) and they like the Packers (also football). There is a couple more and here they are. They live in the Mountain Time zone and we live in the Eastern Time zone. They also have different landforms like they have mountains and we have plains. This one is very different. Durango’s population is 16,000 people and we only have 11,593!!! One other thing is that the climate is different. Ours is hot in the summer, mild in the winter and theirs is cold in the winter, and warm in the summer. And they also live almost on the opposite side of the country to us!! I am not sure if their school is public or private but ours is public. That might be a similarity but I’m not sure. Time to move on. Some interesting facts that we are different from each other are that they are two hours behind us and in Haddonfield people found Haddy (a dinosaur)! That is all of the differences for now but it is time for my last paragraph.

I really enjoyed comparing Haddonfield, New Jersey and Durango, Colorado because there were many interesting things about both communities. Even though we are far apart there are many ways that we are the same and different. That is all for now so I hope you learned a lot from all of my research!!!!!





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