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3H 2011-12

by CG

teacher: Sue Halbert

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How To Make a Monster Cup of Tea

Written by CG

You might think making a monster cup of tea is hard to do but really it is not and if you want to how to make one read this article!                             

You will need …

·         A cup (I used a fluff cup)

·         Green paper

·         Watery green paint

·         Tape

·         Yellow and black pipe cleaners

·         Egg cartons

·         Black paint

·         Red paint

·         White paper

·         Yellow paint

·         Four paint brushes

·         Scissors




1.       Take your cup, your green paper, and your tape .Use the the tape to tape the green paper around the cup

2.       Put your watery green paint in a cup and take one of the paint brushes to use. Then paint the cup, it will make it look slimey . Let the cup dry by placing it by a blower.

3.       To make the handle of the cup you will need the yellow paint, the white paper , and the scissors. Look at the cup to see how big the handle has to be. Then draw it on the paper and then cut it out. After that take the yellow paint and paint the piece of paper. When you are done painting it put it with the other things to dry.

4.       Now you will need the egg carton, the black paint, more of the green paint, the red paint, and the scissors . Take the egg carton and the scissors, then cut out three places that the eggs sit in. Then take the black paint and paint the middle of the egg carton. Next you take the green paint 

5.       and anthor paint brush. Paint just around the outside of the black paint. Then you take the red paint. Pour it in to a cup. Take another paint brush and paint squiggly red lines from the end of the green paint  to the bottom to make blood.Make at least three of those then put them with the other things to dry.

6.       Now you will need the pipe cleaners.Take one yellow then one black , twist them together to make them look like snakes !

7.       Now you have made all the parts.You just have to put them together !To put the parts together you will need more tape.Tape the handle to the cup.Make sure the handle is not to low and not to high .Also make sure the handle and the cup are both dry!Then stick the eye balls and the snakes in the cup.

8.       Now your monster cup of tea is done!Make sure your monster gives you a taste to=http://!!

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Hi I am an 8 year old in 3rd grade! I am a twin but my twin is not in my class. I also have a cat, her name is Daisy. My favorite food is tacos! I love gymnastics! My favorite animal is cats and kittens! I go to J. Fithian Tatem elementary school! My favorite colors are red ,orange ,yellow, and green! Thanks for reading my blog.

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