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3H 2011-12

by EF

teacher: Sue Halbert

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How to Make a Monster Tongue

Written by EF

Every Monster needs a tongue to taste something and every monster needs taste buds the monster tongue your about to make is going to be perfect 

Materials you will need


·         Golden glitter

·         A black sharpie

·         Cardboard

·         An  adult

·         Scissors

·         Pink paint

·         Purple paint

·         Glue



Time to Make a Monster Tongue 

1.       Get some cardboard and a black sharpie (make sure has it is 4by3 in.

2.       Get a teacher  or a parent to cut out the tongue for you.

3.       Get a black sharpie and make straight lines.

4.       Get some pink and purple paint.

5.       Paint the first line purple and the second line pink and keep doing that until the tongue is full.

6.       After about 15 minutes get some golden glitter and glue.

7.       Put the glue on the tongue in a diamond shape.

8.       Now your monster can taste and eat!






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