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3H 2011-12

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Community Comparison Haddonfield V.S. Franconia

By Abby

        Today I will be sharing my research about Haddonfield, New Jersey and Franconia, New Hampshire.  I Skyped with Mr. Ferguson’s 4th grade class from Franconia, NH.  I think Haddonfield is sort of the same and sort of different from Franconia. 

        I found out some ways Haddonfield and Franconia are different.  Some of the things that are different between Haddonfield and Franconia are that people in Franconia like the Penguins, Giants, Red Socks, and Yankees. Some of the people in Haddonfield like the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and the Flyers.  When you look out your window in New Hampshire, you will see mountains and snow and that is different from Haddonfield because Haddonfield’s ground is flat and it doesn’t usually snow in the fall, but in the winter it might snow a little.  If people in Haddonfield want to be a ski instructor or if they want to go skiing, New Hampshire is the place to go!  Those were some ideas for how Franconia is different from Haddonfield.

        Here are some ways that these communities are the same.  Franconia has a hot summer and they like to go swimming in ponds, lakes, beaches, pools, and rivers; so do people in Haddonfield.  People in Franconia also like to go skiing – so do people in Haddonfield.  I also found out that both New Hampshire and New Jersey are in the United States. Those were some ideas of how Franconia is the same as Haddonfield.

        I hope you enjoyed learning about how Franconia and Haddonfield are the same and different.  I liked learning about different communities and talking to the people in those communities.



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