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Community Comparison

Haddonfield vs. Joliet Illinois

By Lindsay

            Today I will be sharing the information about Haddonfield, NJ and

Joliet Illinois. I Skped with Mrs. Allen’s 4th grade class who live in Joliet, Illinois.  I researched on the Internet. My opinion is that our communities might be the same.

There are many different ways that Haddonfield and Joliet, Illinois are similar. They are similar because kids in Joliet, Illinois like swimming, soccer, basketball, and kick ball and so do the kids in Haddonfield.. Joliet, Illinois is a suburb just like Haddonfield. In the schools in Joliet, Illinois they have recess and lunch in the cafeteria just like we do in Haddonfield. We do things that are similar.

There are many ways that kids in Haddonfield and kids in Joliet, Illinois are different. We are different because there school is private and our school is public. We are the Tatem Tigers and the kids at the school in Joliet, Illinois are the Rockets. Joliet, Illinois is in the Central time zone and we are Eastern time zone. The favorite sports teams of the kids in Joliet are the White Sox’s, Bulls, Cubs, Bears, and Black Hawks. Our favorite sports teams are Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers. Our nearest city is Philadelphia and Joliet’s nearest city is Chicago, Illinois. On the day that we Skyped, Haddonfield’s sunrise was 7:24am and the sunset was 6:03pm. Mrs. Allen’s student’s told us their sunrise was 7:25am and their sunset was 5:49pm. These are some things that make Haddonfield different from Joliet, Illinois.

I enjoyed researching and comparing Joliet, Illinois and Haddonfield because it is very exciting to learn about a different town.







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