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Community Comparison Haddonfield vs. Burnside


Community Comparison

Haddonfield, NJ vs. Burnside, UK

By Sebastiano

Today I will be sharing my research about Haddonfield, NJ and Burnside, Cambria UK. We did our research by Skyping with Mr. Humble’s class who go to school in Burneside and going on their blog to find out more information about their town.

There are similarities between Cambria, England and Haddonfield, NJ because they play sports such as soccer, and hockey and so do we. They go on field trips and we go on field trips too. Those are similarities about Haddonfield, NJ and Burnside, Cambria.

          There are differences between Haddonfield and Burnside. The kids in Burneside do ghyll scrambling, net ball, hiking, pantomimes, and canoeing. Kids in Haddonfield don’t do those things. Burneside is in a different country; it is the United Kingdom. Its continent is Europe. Haddonfield is in the  United States of America and its continent is North America. Those are the differences between Haddonfield, NJ and Burnside, Cambria, UK.

That is all about Haddonfield NJ and Burnside UK. I was surprised that we Skyped from a class all the way from ENGLAND!!!               


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