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How to Make a Monster Ink Pen

Written by SC

This is how to make a monster ink pen

·         12 in. (length)

·         Polka dots

·         Tip out of bone

·         Decorated with skulls

·         Stretchy

·         Red (color)

·         Squishy eyeball clicker with bat wings

·         Hairy

·         Writes purple blood ink

To make a monster ink pen this is what you need:

1.       For the 12in. you need a paper towel roll and measure it to be 12in.

2.       Next for the polka dots you need to any color because it did not say I did orange

3.       Next for the tip of bone you will need white construction paper and turn it into a cone

4.       For the decorated with skulls you need a sharpie and you could put it anywhere I put it on the tip of bone

5.       For the stretchy part you will need handy-wrap

6.       For the red you will need red construction paper

7.       For the squishy eye ball clicker with bat wings you will need markers and draw eye balls with bat wings

8.       To make it hairy you will need yarn taped to the ink pen

9.       For the purple blood ink you will need purple paint dark, light, in the middle I used dark purple I just put it in the bottle for about 5 seconds and take it out and you are DONE=http://=http://=http://=http://!!!.        





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