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3H 2011-12

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Community Comparison Haddonfield vs Franconia

By Katie

        Today I will be sharing my research about Haddonfield, NJ my hometown, and Franconia, New Hampshire. I found this research from Skype notes that I took when I Skyped with Mr. Ferguson’s 4th grade class who go to school in Franconia, and the Internet. Haddonfield and Franconia are very different we have some similarities.

      Here are some similarities between Haddonfield and Franconia. We are both in the Eastern Time Zone. They like the Philadelphia Eagles we do too. That is my research showing how my hometown and Franconia are the same.

        Now I am going to share about the differences between Haddonfield and Franconia. There are so many differences. They are rural community and we are suburban community. They have different native animals like bears and moose. We have squirrels, birds, and chipmunks in Haddonfield. We live on a plain and they live on mountains. These are the reasons why Haddonfield and Franconia are different.

        I really enjoyed learning about my hometown and Franconia because I got to learn about different landforms and all that cool stuff. I really want to do it again! I still think that Haddonfield and Franconia are very different.  

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