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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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     Chapter 1

Hello. How are you? Well, I’m fine. Anyway this story is about a girl names Jadis Alexa Crest, a black haired, African American girl with a headstrong attitude.

     At this moment she was carrying a rather bulky backpack and, from a crack in the thick trees of the forest, a man was watching her.

     He was bald, his skin was gaunt, and his eyes were yellowish ant terribly sunken in. He wore a short sleeve polo shirt, plaid shorts, a baseball cap, and strange shoes. It was quite absurd considering it was an unnaturally cold fall day, and your breath could easily be seen, but we aren’t at that part yet.

     Jadis continued to walk though, not seeing the thin figure between the oaks, with a black cloud above her head. Her mother was a counselor and her favorite thing to talk about was Jadis.

     Jadis had tried out for choir, drama, volleyball, dancing, and softball. She had got into swimming, but she couldn’t get her hair wet. All that was left was soccer, her favorite sport, but why bother? She hadn’t gotten into the other ones.

     And school was, sadly, terrible as well. All of the girls she had known and loved came back prissy and snobby, with expensive clothes and even more expensive shoes. Obviously their parents had won the lottery and had gotten a whole bunch of money. So that was that. The girls came back not paying any attention to Jadis.

     She sighed and walked down the quiet lonely road, crunching her feet on the fall leaves and humming quietly to herself. She passed the oak tree with the man behind it and felt a sudden rush of cold. Just a breeze she thought and walked on.

     She walked into her house and saw her mother at the table drinking green tea and humming to herself. Her father was across from her, drinking Columbian coffee and reading the newspaper. She walked past them without drawing any attention, something she was awesome at and walked into her room.

     She patted the head of her knee-high ceramic kitten with ruby eyes and said, “Hi Bartumus.”

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