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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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          One of the best things about sixth grade is the freedom. We can go to the Spartan Store with out a parent after school, we don’t have to walk in lines, and we can talk during lunch.  I am a very independent person and always hated having to walk in lines when I saw sixth graders walking in bunches with their friends.
Another thing I love is that we have Macs! They’re awesome! We barely even have to write anymore. We take most of our tests and assignments online so there’s no need to keep up for papers, which is something I had trouble doing last year. My books were so heavy I nearly fell down every time I tried to take a step. Having a Mac eliminated that and I love it.  
Also the food is great. We have pizza probably everyday, Snack Shack, and humongous cookies every Friday.
  Plus we have lockers! I had trouble opening mine at first and practically hated it but now I love it. I don’t have to carry my bulky book bag around with me anymore. It was always full of books and made my shoulders and back feel like they were dying.
      I also love changing classes it makes me feel so grown up. I always wished that I could change classes when I was in fifth grade and couldn’t wait.  Even though there’s a penalty for being late, I was thought it was cool to change classes because the older kids. I used think I would hate all that walking from class to class, but I actually kind of like it.
    I also love most of our homework can be done on a computer. I always had trouble keeping up with my papers last year, especially homework papers. I would forget almost everything. But with my Mac I can look on Study wiz and see what I have to do.
 The thing I have most about sixth grade is that I am actually in the Junior High building I have wanted to go to school in the JH building for a long time. I got bored of elementary because I was in it for five whole years and couldn’t wait until I could say I am a sixth grader and I’m in middle school.     
IN one word- I LOVE sixth grade

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