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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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Chapter 2

      When I woke up I had this terrible headache and I was lying on a bed. I slowly sat up and opened my eyes to see that there was a boy standing there glaring at me like if he kept it up I might actually disappear. He looked to be around my age and much grumpier. He had short brown hair, a loose robe looking outfit, and was about 5ft 5in.I tried to ask him where I was and who he was but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth right so I just gave up. That was when a middle aged women walked into the room. She took one look at the boy and said,” Sean stop glaring at our guest and make yourself useful.” You should have seen his face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone turn that shade of red. He immediately began to stir a large pot that stood in the corner over a small hearth fire. My head was starting to clear enough to see the room better. The walls were made out of a sort of purplish colored brick and the roof had gray slate. There was a small wooden table with four cushioned chairs sitting around it. I was lying on a straw mattress that had been pushed up against the wall. It was one of four. I had taken someone’s bed. It was most likely that boy’s bed. What had the women called him? Oh yeah Sean. No wonder he had been angry. He walked over and handed me a bowl of something that smelled wonderful. The women came over and helped me drink. She said,” My name is Sara and this is my son Sean.” I managed to mumble out a thank you as she helped me get a sip of the soup. It was warm and salty. A few moments later I mumbled,” My name is Laura. Where am I?” Sean replied,” You are in my bed, in our hut, eating our food.” Sara turned around and pulled him out of the hut. I could hear muffled yells. She came back a little while later and I said “Thank you for helping me, but what happened that other night with the spider?” I would tell you the rest of our conversation but that would take to long. I will just recount what she told me.


Chapter 3

You are in the land of Martopia. We rescued you after you escaped the giant spider. You were transported here through a portal that opened up in your bedroom. Earth and Martopia are two separate worlds. The people you saw in the coliseum are called the Spidtites. They are a sort of spider men. They use regular spiders for entertainment. My family and I are regular people like you who were transported through a portal that opened at an unexpected time and place. I hope that you will learn to enjoy it here because you will never be able to go back. I was shocked when I heard that but I accepted it. After she had finished her story she left and I fell into a deep sleep filled with men with 8 legs and spiders with 2 legs.


Chapter 4

When I woke up 8 people surrounded me. Sara and Sean were there too. I stared up at them blearily for a few minutes. Then they grabbed me. They put me in a sack and carried me out of the room. No matter how much I kicked and screamed it did no good. After around an hour or so they dumped me on the floor. I pulled the sack off of my head and found that there was only one person left around me. He was tall and wore fine robes of satin. He was bald and glowed an unnatural green color. He reeked of sulfur and smoke. He told me that he was going to return me to my home if I promised that I would never tell anyone else about this place. I agreed. I wouldn’t have if I had known what he would do to me when he sent me home. He told me right before I blacked out that he had to make sure that I never told anyone.


Chapter 5

EN-US">I woke up in the hospital. There were doctors all around me trying to get a better look at me to see if I was ok. I tried to say that I was ok but no sound came out of my mouth

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