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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


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how would i design the library of the future?

by: LH7

    I would love to design it (as long as books exist in the future)!

    If I designed the library of the future, I would make everything look modern and futuristic. I would make all of the bookshelves made of glass so that you could see through them, and I would make each shelf a different genre, and all the books in the genre would be arranged alphabetically. This would help you if you knew what kind of genre you wanted, but didn’t know which book to choose. You would have all of your options in one place instead of scrambled about.

    And let’s say you had a certain book in mind. I would make it so that you could say the title of the book and it would come to you using whatever technology is around then. This would be good for if you were in a hurry to get somewhere, but wanted to get a book first. It would make library searching much easier.

    Of course, just because it’s the future, there would be a robot scanning and checking out books for everyone. Librarians would still be helping around the library, and they could still help check out, but the robot would be for when they were too tired to check out books.

    And, if you would prefer to read books on a screen rather than on paper, there would be a Kindle lab in the back with all of the newest models, which would each have all of the books in the library on them.

    There would be a floating seating area where you could sit in chairs that hover over the floor. This would be a great place for enjoying the book that zoomed right into your hands.

    And last, I would create rooms in the back for if people wanted to meet there for a book club. They would be open to all, and I could rent them out for a certain number of hours to each group.

    Does this sound like a good future library? I know I would want to go there.

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