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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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“This weekend is going to be so much fun!” said Matt, while longing into Tiffany’s light blue eyes as they were driving to Florida to go on a Hawaiian Cruise.
“What does everyone want to do this weekend?” said Jason.
“Hey, can we pull over and get a snack? I’m starving,” said Stephanie.
“Same,” Tiffany agreed.
They pulled in the QT gas station and jumped out to get a snack. Tiffany and Stephanie opened the glass doors. Matt and Jason watched them enter the gas station. Jason turns to Matt and says, “I know you like her, Matt. Don’t lie to me now.”
“I don’t think she likes me back,” Matt said in reply.
“Whatever. I didn’t think Stephanie liked me but when I asked her out, she said yes and we have been dating for the past 3 years.”
When the girls came back, Matt was about to say something to Tiffany, but nothing came out of his mouth.
When it started to rain, Jason exclaimed, ”Let’s get on our way!”
A couple hours later, they passed the Florida sign and Jason looked back and looked at Stephanie and said, “We made it!”
In that matter of seconds, the car began to swerve and skid on the road into a tree.
Stephanie got and said nervously, “Jason, try to call 911.”
Jason pulls out his phone and says, “No signal.” When Jason said that, Stephanie and Tiffany started to shed tears because they knew they were jeopardy. They walked around to try to get a signal and they wandered around the great expanse except for Tiffany, who stayed stationary while the others were clueless knowing where she was.
Matt was concerned and said, “Where’s Tiffany?”
“She’ll be fine,” said Jason.
“We can’t leave her behind.”
“Guys, I’m getting worried we should go find her,” said Stephanie.
“Okay,” said Jason, as she clasped Stephanie’s hand affectionately and walked with her through the rural terrain.
They went back to the non-hardy car and looked for Tiffany, but she wasn’t there. The car exhaust lingered in the air.
Matt yells out into the woods, “TIFFANY!”
No answer. All three of them yelled out for their friend. After about 30 minutes of yelling, with no answer, Stephanie fell to the ground and fainted. Jason ran to the car and pulled a blanket out and sheathed Stephanie with it. Matt said drastically, “What about Tiffany? We have to find her!”
Jason says cruelly, “I don’t know what you want me to do Matt. Stephanie is sick and we have to stay back to help her.”
“Tiffany might be dead by now. We need to go find her.”
“Fine, go then.”
Matt nodded his head and left for his journey. As Matt looked back, they were constantly coughing and looked pale. When he walked into the territory, it was very tranquil except for the beating of his heart.
After a couple hours of searching, he heard a slight whimper coming from a dark cave. When he ran in the cave, found Tiffany in squalor conditions with a supplement of dirt in her hair and was very ravenous. He picked her up and ran back to the car. As he set her down in the car, he called out to Stephanie and Jason. He wondered over to where he was laying down, and saw that they were dead. They heard they crinkle of twigs and told Tiffany he loved her and tried to conserve his tears.

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