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7th period Spring 2013

Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.

by MM

teacher: Julia Osteen

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Chapter 1



Once upon a time there was a girl. She was going to write about Justin Bieber except her teacher told her you couldn’t do a report on Justin Bieber. She was VERY, VERY disappointed so she decided to just make up a story, and you are reading it RIGHT now! So let’s try this again…

   Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Mahlon McLeroy. She loved Justin Bieber VERY, VERY, VERY much! Her dream was to meet him, then he would fall in love with her, then they would date, then they would get married and live happily ever after. Now she isn’t stupid so she knows that’s not going to happen mso-char-type:symbol;mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings">L. (It’s sad, isn’t it?) Well so one day she was just hanging out with her friend who lived in Country Club of the South (by the way Justin Bieber lives there.) So Mahlon and her friend decided to go on a walk. They didn’t think about Justin Bieber being there one single bit. As they were walking they stopped to take a little break for some water. And then all of a sudden they see Justin riding by in his car! OMG=http://! IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER=http://! He looked AMAZING!!!! They HAD to find where exactly he lived so they could meet him and get autographs and stuff. They could also brag to people "Apple Casual";mso-char-type:symbol;mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings">J (Just saying…) Alright, now it’s REASEARCH TIME=http:// They aren’t stalkers they are just trying to find her true love. They were meant to be together. That is why God put Justin Bieber and Mahlon McLeroy on Earth. DUH!


Chapter 2


    They SPRINTED home and ran STRAIGHT to the computer. They looked and looked and looked! It didn’t seem that hard. But just as they were going to give up they decided to look at 1 more site and then stop. But this web page said his address! If it was correct they would meet Justin Bieber!!! So they printed it out and got ALL of their Justin Bieber things on, got some paper and 2 pens, they got all pretty and left. This was their time. On the way there they were FREAKING out! What would they say? Would he like them? Will he be there? STOP!!! We can’t just worry ourselves to death!


Chapter 3


Ok now they calmed down and were off! They were trying so hard not to go crazy. It was so hard. But they did it… “OMG=http://=http://!! WE ARE HERE=http://=http://!! ITS REALLY HAPPENING WE ARE GOING TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER=http://”, Mahlon said. They ran up to his front door and someone opened the door…

It was Justin Bieber!!! They couldn’t believe this was really happening. They were almost in tears they were so excited! He just said “ Hey guys! I can see you guys are fans. Do you want autographs, pictures, anything.” Mahlon ran up and gave him a hug and got pictures, autographs, and even his number!!! He said he had to go so they left. It was so hard not to but they did. Mahlon got his number and texted him all the time. They started dating and finally got married and lived happily ever after!!!  


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