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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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The Long Expedition

            One day not too long ago, there was a family of three. Their names were Sam, Emily, and Lauren. Sam was the dad, Emily was the older sister, and Lauren was the youngest sister. Sam was getting ready to vacate on a long expedition. He told Emily that he had to keep Lauren safe. He had to go to a very important ceremony, and he couldn’t bring his daughters with him.  Emily was vital about being home alone, though she didn’t know what was awaiting her once her dad left. Emily and Lauren were worried that he would get lonely during his trip. He told them that his horse would accompany him. Sam made a quick hand motion-waving bye. They watched him dissolve into the trees. All of a sudden, Lauren started crying loudly. Emily tried to soothe her in a loving way promising his return. Lauren plummeted herself into the dirt making herself squalor. Emily clasped Lauren’s arm. “GET UP!” Emily yelled. That just made Lauren’s yells even louder. Then Emily said, “Sorry I am very ravenous this morning.”  Lauren’s yelling was perpetual. The only bad thing about this scene was that their lives were in jeopardy.

            Lauren looked up and her crying stopped, she got up and ran into the house. Emily was confused, so she looked up too. Up in the air to meet her gaze was an antic witch. There was abundant evidence that it was an evil witch. Emily screamed at the top of her lungs and emerged into the house. They heard the witch laugh an evil laugh. Lauren was close to fainting when she asked, “What do we do?!” Emily replied, “We HAVE to get out of here!” Lauren was diligent and started gathering her needed supplies. They went to the computer room and Lauren’s eloquent acceptance speech. They retrieved it and ran outside. The witch spotted them and started going after them. She caught up and then reached out to grab them and in one quick motion she grabbed them. She yelled in triumph. “YESSSS!!!” The witch took the sisters to her castle and locked them in a dark room. They were there for five days.

            After the fifth day the sisters were tired of being there. They made a daring plan for their escape. On the good side, they did have they supplies they needed to get out, and on the bad hand they could possibly be caught. They decided that they would wait until the next day to leave. While they lied in bed that night, Emily told her younger sister, “You have to leave first, and if anyone needs to get home it is you. Dad told me to protect you. I already got us caught and you need to be safe.” “NO!” Lauren yelled, “We are going to leave together, that is how we got here that is the way we are going to leave.” Emily had to let that set in for a while then replied, “Yeah, but I got us into this now I am getting us out.” Lauren had tears coming in her eyes, “But I love you and daddy and I want to keep both of you, we already lost mommy. Why are we always the target of the bad people, sissy? Why?” She was crying at this point. “Shhhhh.”  Emily told her. “Dad will be here tomorrow.” They fell asleep without another word. Early in the morning they made their escape and returned home. Once they were there they went to their room.

            The witch walked up the long curvy staircase to check on the sisters. She opened the door silently to find them gone. She was outraged. She ran down the staircase and went to get her broomstick and rode to their house. She was circling around the house trying to get them to come out of the house. They wouldn’t budge. The witch tried everything. She went through all of the tricks in the book (literally). Out of nowhere came a clanking noise. The witch looked around mysteriously when she noticed Sam coming on his way back. “Uh oh.” The witch muttered to herself. When Sam noticed that his daughters hadn’t come out of the house to greet him he was questionable. He looked in the air and saw the witch. He jumped off his horse and got his rope, Lauren and Emily watching from inside cheering him on. He caught the witch with his rope throwing her to the ground, he got out his knife and stabbed her continuously. He was outraged to see the same witch that killed his wife come after his daughters. Emily and Lauren walked outside to greet their dad. Lauren was a little scared of her dad at the moment. Sam said, “I brought you something, are you okay?” They both nodded with wide smiles on their child faces. They walked inside and played with their gifts. THE FAMILY LIVED HAPILY EVER AFTER!


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