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The Magical Chicken Nugget: Chapter 2

                  Tami ran as fast as she could. She was trying to run away from the castle. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it. The place just made her uncomfortable. She didn’t feel at home. Jimmy ran after her, “WAIT come back! I can protect you here! Please Tami! I LOVE YOUU!!!” Tami stopped running. She turned around slowly and looked at him with a puzzled look. Did he just say what she thought he said? Whoa she thought to herself.  That was very unusual for Tami to hear. She started walking back to the castle slowly think to herself I might have a boyfriend! Weeeee!!  Shouting as if she were on a rollercoaster. When she got there they stared into each other’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said “I just didn’t feel at home, and um that was my sigh my first kiss---and it caught me off guard. Sorry.” “It’s fine! I understand I think,” Jimmy replied. Tami looked at him suspiciously. She was thinking about the eye situation from earlier. He looked her in the eye with a funny look and she giggled. He held her hand and led her back inside, “Let me introduce you to my parents!” he said cheerfully. She stared at him for a long time with a puzzled look. “Why?” she asked him. He laughed, “Well I always have to introduce my girlfriend to my parents, silly.” He told her. She smiled inside…I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!! YAYYY!! I AM SPECIAL!

            Jimmy knocked on his parent’s room door silently. They replied, “Come in.” The pair walked in hand in hand. His parents looked at him with a who- is- this- girl look. They dropped hands and walked in. Tami looked at them nervously and said, “ Hello, My name is Tami.” Jimmy’s parents said “Nice to meet you Tami” in unison. Then Jimmy stepped into the conversation. “This is my new girlfriend mom and dad I think it would be nice if you could meet her. She will tell you a little about her.” He looked at her with a look that said Go! This is sort of embarrassing to me!! Then she told them all about her. Jimmy’s parents welcomed her to the family then asked if she could step out of the room so they could talk to Jimmy personally. They were talking about how much they adored Tami and told Jimmy that he made a good choice. They always did have a spare room in the house. That would be Tami’s new room and she could decorate it however she wanted because…she was an official princess as of right now. So, she had a butler and a cook and maids. This was the life! It was wonderful to have such good service, a service that she has never had before.

            Tami and her dad rode home. They were trying to come p with a story to tell her mom about why she was in the hospital and how she has all these super powers. So they said that she fell down a flight of stairs at the mall and some super hero took her to the hospital and gave her 8 super powers... a pretty bad lie but kind of sort of believable. So when they got home they told her mom that exact story, she looked at the pair  with a funny look. She was thinking sure I’d believe THAT story when I see pigs fly. Which is never going to happen, so I guess this story is passable. She nodded, smiled, and then walked away. “You think she bought it?” Tami asked innocently. Her father replied, “I dought that. Your mom always has been hard to trick. I never did like that about her.” Tami just looked at her dad pursing her lips. There was a trick to this whole situation that Tami and her father hadn’t known about, though. Her mom already knew what happened. She called Chick-Fil-A earlier to ask. So she already knew that they were lying. She still didn’t understand though, how could a chicken nugget meal could do this to such an innocent young girl? That is kind of amazing and awkward at the same time.. you know how it is. How you have different--…sigh never mind no need explaining if you don’t understand anyways. Well I think this is getting a little bit boring to you all sooo let’s go back to the “movie”. How about it? Yes? Okay sure.

            Okay let’s see where we left of. OH YEAH, THAT’S WHERE WE WERE!! Tami was so excited to have her 1st boyfriend ever. She had so many different emotions running through her. She was happy, scared, excited, etc. You ever had that feeling? Well, I think everybody does from time to time. Well uh let’s stop talking about us and talk about Tami….again.

            So yeah, Tami was pretty happy, but a little scared too. Since she has never had a boyfriend she didn’t want to do anything wrong to ruin the relationship between them. She wanted to keep him as long as she could. Tami and Jimmy loved each other and their relationship got better and better as the days and weeks whizzed past. The couple didn’t notice because they were worried about what am I going to get him/her for our 2 week anniversary? So they knew how long they were together just not tracking the time…UGH WHY CAN’T I EXPLAIN ANYTHING TODAY YOU’LL GET IT LATER IN THE STORY (I hope but probably not.. OH WELL SUCKS FOR YOU). Anyhow, they loved each other a lot. Jimmy’s parents loved Tami like a daughter and actually they took her in as their daughter. She felt loved in this place. Happiness was always running through her while she lived here. Her life was PERFECT! It just couldn’t get any better. Well that is what she thought, but actually it could get WAY better than just being a princess and having a true loving boyfriend. It made her fell special. She had never had a boyfriend before. She was starting to think that she wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, or anything. BUT NOW…SHE FELT FILLED UP LIKE A BUCKET. The only thing that Tami didn’t like about Jimmy was that Jimmy always talked about her past girlfriends, but Tami would just sit, smile, and listen. Hoping that would give him a signal to shut up and move on with his life. He would always ask her about her past lovers knowing not that she never had one, except for her family. So she would just make up some random boys that she remembered she liked once upon a time. He would just say “WOW THAT’S REALLY COOL!!!” She just looked at him with a blank look. Then he ALWAYS assumed that there was something wrong. Ugh, she hated that but whatever she has to do to keep her boyfriend…so be it.  She would have to get over it, everybody has their quirks. You know how the neighbor has a horrible singing voice but she doesn’t know that, or how your best friend think the word legit means epic when it really means real. So I mean... like um…never mind it. Let’s just move on to a NORMAL everyday life.

            “Awww. Do I have to wake up now?” Tami asked moaning and groaning. “You have to,” her father said with a bit of fear in his voice “Your mom found out... WE HAVE TO LEAVE!!!NOWWW!!!” Tami looked at her father with a blank look—then thought OH psht he’s kidding, but the look in his face told her different. She jumped out of bed, put her clothes on, and got in the car. She was wondering HOW THE HECK DID SHE FIND OUT? Then she remembered, her mom DID always have some sources. That really did annoy her. Why did she always have to talk so much and get people’s emails and numbers and all that contacting kind if stuff you know what I mean. Tami’s whole life has been messed up since that chicken nugget situation. Her dad was driving at an unusual speed. Tami turned around, just now noticing that her mom was following them. Tami screamed then unbuckled herself… “TAMI! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” her father screamed. “Good bye daddy. I love you. Always remember that.” Tami replied. Then out of nowhere she opened the door and hopped out. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Tami screamed being sent on her way. Her dad stopped the car running after his beloved daughter. Tami’s mom saw what happened, pulled over, then did the same. “TAMI!” they yelled in unison. Tami thought since I don’t mean anything here. I must not mean anything anywhere, if I die God will care for me. Ha ha ha.. fail on Tami’s part. She did mean something somewhere...in her dream to her lover, Jimmy, to her mom and dad, and to the kind king and queen that took her in as one of their own. Then all of her loved ones popped into her mind. She smiled a loving smile but then remembered that she could possibly die right then and there. She said a quick prayer promising to never try to do this action again- - - not that she wanted to in the 1st place and also to get her out of this situation. Then she screamed for her dad to come help her. Then, as if God answered her prayers immediately she stopped rolling and was in the hands of a stranger.  She looked up at the person with fear in her eyes. It looked like she knew him from somewhere. It’s Jimmy from The Wizard of Oz! “JIMMY!” Tami screamed in delight. Jimmy smiled at her, “Hey” he replied with confidence. Then Tami’s parents ran up behind them. When they say them hugging they asked her, “Who is this?” Tami got up limping a little bit and replied to them, “ This is my boyfriend, from my dream” then she looked at Jimmy, “How did you get here, in the real world?” Jimmy smiled a crooked smile “I followed you here, so now pretty much I am with you everywhere you go.” Tami looked at her parents innocently and apologized for scaring them. After that they whole family went out to Bruster’s for some ice cream. And the family lived happily ever after! THE END

            But you guys didn’t really believe that was the end did you? LOL SMILEY FACE IF YOU  DID…J JJJJJJJ….THEN


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