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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


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“This weekend is going to be so much fun!” said Matt, while longing into Tiffany’s light blue eyes as they were driving to Florida to go on a Hawaiian Cruise.

“What does everyone want to do this weekend?” said Jason.

“Hey, can we pull over and get a snack? I’m starving,” said Stephanie.

“Same,” Tiffany agreed.

They pulled in the QT gas station and jumped out to get a snack. Tiffany and Stephanie opened the glass doors. Matt and Jason watched them enter the gas station. Jason turns to Matt and says, “I know you like her, Matt. Don’t lie to me now.”

“I don’t think she likes me back,” Matt said in reply.

“Whatever. I didn’t think Stephanie liked me but when I asked her out, she said yes and we have been dating for the past 3 years.”

When the girls came back, Matt was about to say something to Tiffany, but nothing came out of his mouth.

When it started to rain, Jason exclaimed, ”Let’s get on our way!”

A couple hours later, they passed the Florida sign and Jason looked back and looked at Stephanie and said, “We made it!”

In that matter of seconds, the car began to swerve and skid on the road into a tree.

Stephanie got and said nervously, “Jason, try to call 911.”

Jason pulls out his phone and says, “No signal.” When Jason said that, Stephanie and Tiffany started to shed tears because they knew they were jeopardy. They walked around to try to get a signal and they wandered around the great expanse except for Tiffany, who stayed stationary while the others were clueless knowing where she was.

Matt was concerned and said, “Where’s Tiffany?”

“She’ll be fine,” said Jason.

“We can’t leave her behind.”

“Guys, I’m getting worried we should go find her,” said Stephanie.

“Okay,” said Jason, as she clasped Stephanie’s hand affectionately and walked with her through the rural terrain.

They went back to the non-hardy car and looked for Tiffany, but she wasn’t there. The car exhaust lingered in the air.

Matt yells out into the woods, “TIFFANY!”

No answer. All three of them yelled out for their friend. After about 30 minutes of yelling, with no answer, Stephanie fell to the ground and fainted. Jason ran to the car and pulled a blanket out and sheathed Stephanie with it. Matt said drastically, “What about Tiffany? We have to find her!”

Jason says cruelly, “I don’t know what you want me to do Matt. Stephanie is sick and we have to stay back to help her.”

“Tiffany might be dead by now. We need to go find her.”

“Fine, go then.”

Matt nodded his head and left for his journey. As Matt looked back, they were constantly coughing and looked pale. When he walked into the territory, it was very tranquil except for the beating of his heart.

After a couple hours of searching, he heard a slight whimper coming from a dark cave. When he ran in the cave, found Tiffany in squalor conditions with a supplement of dirt in her hair and was very ravenous. He picked her up and ran back to the car. As he set her down in the car, he called out to Stephanie and Jason. He wondered over to where he was laying down, and saw that they were dead. They heard they crinkle of twigs and told Tiffany he loved her and tried to conserve his tears.

Article posted December 15, 2011 at 04:58 PM GMT • comment • Reads 232

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The Last Bandit of Ren

By: People



            Why do people lie? Just because of one extravagant lie all of my comrades got put in jail for something that we didn’t do. I would rather be stuck in jail with them being held captive, instead of out here worried about them. Their verdict has not been decided, but everyone is sure that it is death. The only person that can prove we are innocent is hidden in a land far away.

            Lately, I have been unraveling what happened and how they framed us. I have seen evil people do evil things. I think I know where the key to proving we are innocent is, but if I am wrong, it could be the death of me. My comrades have been charged with taking and killing princess Saphira. Though, I think I know where she is.

Chapter 1


            Saphira was looking out of her window at a wide expanse of featureless plains. She sat there for a long while waiting for the sun to set. After she watched the sun set, she turned to go back into her room. Right before she closed her window shutters, an eagle flew up to her window and hopped inside. He dropped a piece of paper wrapped in silver cloth on her bedroom floor. She reached down and opened the parcel. Inside, it said this…


Dear Saphira,


            I hope you get this message, and I hope that this is really you. If it is, I want you to know a few things. Sadly, before I can tell you, you need to write back and tell me what you remember. So I can know this is really you.


                                                                                    With Love,

                                                                                    Your Friend


Saphira rushed to her desk to get a stylus and a pot of ink. She looked around for something to write on. On the corner of her bed, she saw a small piece of parchment. She wrote back,


Dear Friend,


            All I know is that some strange person locked me up in this tower. I know they must care for me a little because there is food when I wake up. So if you are kind enough will you help me?


Also, who are you?





            She grabbed the piece of silver cloth and wrapped it  around her message. She then took a piece of twine and tied it to the eagle’s talon. Then, she motioned for the eagle to leave her. She lingered at her window, watching the eagle fly away.


            She fell onto her bed exhausted from the long day. She then quickly fell asleep and started to dream.

I was walking in a strange room filled with people who seem to care about me. The room was filled with very important looking people who wore invaluable jewels and extravagant clothes. I walked to a back patio with a gorgeous view of a forest. Someone walked up behind me and told me not to say a word. Then, I felt this huge pain in my head and blackness overtook me.


                        Saphira woke up sweating from her dream. She felt stifled by her surroundings and had wished that she were still sleeping. She got up and went to her window where her food usually was, but was shocked to find nothing there. One of the most vital things in living was gone from her life. She went back to her bed and started weeping. She was being held captive in a lofty tower and now she has no food. She walked back over to her window and thought about jumping from the balcony. She thought about the long plummet and decided that starving would be a better way to die.

            All of a sudden, a huge metallic clank came from behind her. She looked around and saw a scary grappling hook. She ran inside and hid in her corner, terrified. She looked and saw a strange man in front of her window wearing a black mask.

            “Who are you?” she asked, “ Why are you wearing a mask? Are you the strange man sending me the messages?”

            “ Calm down. I not here to hurt you,” he said in a reassuring voice, “ I am here to help you.”


Chapter 2


“Why are you here?” Saphira asked, still terrified.

            “To help you. Follow me and we can get out of here.” He replied.

            “How are we to escape?” asked Saphira, now marginally curious.

            “I said, just follow me and hold my hand.” He said as he reached out his hand for her to grab.

            Saphira took his hand and stood up slowly. He led her over to the window and then jumped out of it. As he pulled Saphira with him she screamed. He pulled her closer so she would not fall and they began their journey down the lofty tower. She then realized that he might be meaning to put her in jeopardy, to kill her. She disregarded that thought once they reached the ground safely.

            “Scared?” he asked kindly.

            “Yes! You almost killed me. What were you think-,” she said before he cut her off

            “Well, are you safe now?” he said.

            “I think so.” She said quietly because she could feel that she could trust him.

            “Come on we have to begin our expedition. You are going to accompany whether you like it or not, because you are my proof.” He said sternly.

            “You can’t force me to do anything! I will only go if you tell me my story and if you take your mask off.” She argued.

            “I will tell you my story, but you can’t know what I look like.” He said reluctantly. “ You are princess Saphira of the country of Ren. You were supposed to be married to Prince Nikolas. He fell in love with your step-sister, Jezebelle. At your bridal shower you were kidnapped and stuck in your tower. Then my comrades were charged with taking and killing you. They assumed you were dead since no one has seen you in 6 months. Anyways they locked you in the tower so they could be wed.”

            “Oh.” She said astonished.

            “Now, come one we have a long perilous journey ahead of us.” He said and started walking.


Chapter 3

                        It took them 2 days to arrive at the city of Ren. They rested at a convenient inn. Inside there were people doing all kinds of childish antics. It was weird how no one noticed them. They went into the tavern and rested for a little bit. While they were drinking tea, they watched some people get into a skirmish. They left right after the skirmish ended. The barkeep kicked the people in the skirmish out one of them declared their triumph. Saphira thought it was quite entertaining since she had had no human interaction in forever. The man told her to stay underneath the shade of a tree while he went to go get his comrades.

            “When will you be back?” she asked.

            “When I want to be back.” He answered. “ Now stay put.”

            Saphira watched him walk away. She was sitting underneath the tree for a good 15 minutes. She started to worry about him and realized that she had grown closer to him and that she cared for him. She was wondering if he had been detained and was being held captive. She looked up to where he had disappeared and saw at least 10 men walking toward her. One of the people stood out of the group and she realized it was him. He had unveiled his face to her. He had gorgeous green eyes and olive skin. As they got closer, she heard one of the men call him Jason.

            “So this is the Princess.” One of the guys said.

            “Yep it looks like her.” Said another.

            “Come on.” Jason said to her.

            “Where are we going?” Saphira asked.

            “The Prince and your step-sister are being wed today. We are going to stop it now. I know the way into the castle.” He said to her.

            He helped her up and they started walking to the castle. He led her up through a secret corridor. They walked for about 10 minutes, dodging guards and other people.

            “Shh,” He said. “We are about to reach the wedding ceremony. You are going to present yourself and tell your story. Then we can handle the rest.”

            “Okay.” She said scared and then she started to walk closer to the ceremony. When she got there she heard the pastor say, “If anyone objects with this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace.”

            “I object.” She said sheepishly.

            The audience gasped, and all looked at her. She told her story to the king and queen who were sitting on the front row. They were relieved to see her well and alive.

            In the end, the Prince and Jezebelle were banished. She ended up marrying Jason and they ruled the kingdom happily. Jason’s comrades got promoted to captains in the royal guard. They all lived happily ever after, except for Nikolas and Jezebelle.

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"Times New Roman"">Mount Unknown

"Times New Roman"">By: Brandon, Pruitt, Ford, James, and Jack


            Thomas and his friend Charles are 16 years old.  Both of their moms are actresses and they live in LA. One day, the two friends embark on an expedition with their families. They are all going to the great Mount Unknown in Japan. Mount Unknown has never been explored; that is why it is called Mount Unknown. Thomas, Charles, and their families will be the first people to climb and explore this mountain.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            On their way to Japan, they encounter a Japanese gentleman that could help them on their journey to the top of Mount Unknown. He was a supreme guide that knew every terrain on the island of Japan. They rented two beat up jeeps to get to the base of the mountain. On their way, a flat tire extended their trip. When they finally arrive at the base of the mountain, they see huge rocks falling from steep cliffs. Since their tour guide was a veteran he guided them to a safe location to start climbing.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            “Dad stop!” Thomas yelled to his dad. Thomas’s dad and the tour guide were fighting over food. In one swift motion, Thomas’s dad was on the ground bleeding. The tour guide then became very arrogant and said that he excelled in martial arts. The mothers rushed over to see what had occurred. When they saw how injured the father was, they took him into a tent to tend to him.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            Once Thomas’s dad recovered from his injury, they continued on their journey up the mountain. Out of nowhere a blizzard comes. Everyone is hectic and rushes around to set up camp. Thomas’s dad’s condition was degrading and had become very sick. Charles’s sister has become so cold that she has hypothermia. Soon the blizzard dies down and dies down and everyone exhausted. Charles’s sister is so cold that she is turning blue. They decided to stay but because she will die if they keep moving. Over night both Charles’s sister died from hypothermia and Thomas’s dad died from losing too much blood.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            They continue their journey up the Mt Unknown. They are almost at the top when there is a sudden shaking. Everyone stops and listens. They hear a distinct sound, something know has heard be for except the tour guide. “Run!” he yells. Everyone dashes down the mountain. Mt. Unknown is a volcano the tour guide yells. Right as he finished saying that Mt. Unknown unveils its true identity as a lot of lava flows down the mountain.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            Charles and Thomas are faster than everyone and as they look back they only see lava, the tour guide, and Charles’s mom. The abundance of lava has killed horde of people behind them. Charles looks at Thomas and can interpret what he is thinking.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">“We are all going to die!”

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            5 months later, Thomas and Charles are in a rural are of Japan. This was just a casual day to them, five months before this it wouldn't be. 1/8 of the way down the mountain the tour guide was engulfed in the lava after looking back. After finding refuge they are stunned when they find Charles’ moms body a mile from the campsite. It looked like she had been persecuted. She was dead. This was bad because she cooked their minute of food. Charles and Thomas were very worried because know one has come for them. They will soon die. They have learned to hunt and how to make shelter. There most be something inhibiting the rescuers from saving them but what? They decided to find their way back to civilization. On their way back they see a train in the distance. They run toward it. They know that they can follow their way back to civilization.

mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"">            Suddenly they hear a channel 5-action news helicopter in the distance. They start jumping out of excitement. When the helicopter turns towards them, Charles and Thomas know for sure that they are finally safe.

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Language Arts Culminating Story-


Prologue-We run through the forest trying to elude the monster with countless fire


breathing heads pursuing us, our adrenaline going higher and higher when we hear


it scream in frustration. We get to camp and yell for backup and brace ourselves for t


he worst. This will be by far the worst thing we have ever encountered.


Chapter 1-Althea


Alright, let’s go back a bit. I am one of the lead huntresses in the group know as the


Hunters of Artemis. You might be thinking, what in the world are you talking about,


Artemis and her hunters are a bunch of myths. But we aren’t. We are absolutely


flesh and blood, you can’t get much more reality out of us. We go around protecting


the humans that are bout as smart as bricks-hey have no idea how much is going on


outside their world- they think they are so smart but they have no idea how little


they know. The criminals they fight are nothing near the monsters that we take on


every day. One of those monsters is known as the hydra-this beast constantly causes


mankind and us tons of trouble and sometimes threatens the entire human race. Of


course this thing has to take our leader captive-makes everything so much easier.


Chapter 2-Clarrissa


Artemis goes off hunting and ends up captured by that green fire-breathing freak.


Leave it to her. Althea gets all emotional and I am sitting there with an eyebrow


raised at the stupidity of this whole thing. Being who we are, we of course have to go


on an overdramatic and somewhat superficial mission. We pack up some disgusting


backup powdered food in a bag in case there is no game around and head off near


the hydra’s lair. I thought we would just trudge over there, kick some hydra


butt(since SOME LEADER couldn’t!) and fetch Artemis-but these are the hunters of


Artemis of course this doesn’t happen. The first thing we see when we get to the


woods on the way to the lair is a huge manticore. This trip is going to be incredibly


harder than I thought.


Chapter 3-Alexandra


We go into the woods and a huge manticore emerges from the foliage. Of course


Althea stars screaming her head off and Clarrissa rolls her eyes and groans like she


is bored to death. We all pull out our bows and try to figure out way to take it down.


We can’t get much closer to it in fear of getting stung by its deadly and poisonous


scorpion tail. The lion claws don’t make things much better. I search my


surroundings for a logical strategy. There aren’t many options and most of them are


impossible. It seems as if Artemis and her hunters may be in much more trouble


than what was expected.


Chapter 4-Celina


The manticore is almost impossible to elude-our lives are in serious jeopardy.  


Althea is shaking in her boots and Clarissa is says a few not so nice words at the


incredible and monstrous beast in front of us for making this trip so much harder.


Bold as she can be, she marches up behind it and shoots it in the back and it


dissolves into dust. I don’t think Althea will ever be the same.


Chapter 5-Daphne



We march on with a few minor disturbances but they all are taken care of thanks to


Alexandra and Celina. Althea kills a horde of chimeras, but it nearly scars her for life.


We finally reach our destination. We see a motion in the bushes. Our real opponent


has arrived.


Chapter 6-Calista


It is pretty degrading thinking you are tall and good and then you meet a hydra.


Those things are so big that the biggest man would be the size of its pinky toe. These


are what I call drastic measures. The situation gets more and more hectic-Althea


gets a sort of look that she is going to faint, Alexandra starts to declare some


pretty defiant things at the monster and its lofty demeanor, and Daphne tries to


vacate the woods out of fear. Big and ugly sees her and clasps her in his claw.




Chapter 7-Ebony


With Daphne detained by that monster, she can’t really help the situation, but it


would be cool if she could. This monster has done too much, forcing Artemis into his


hostile custody. She cuts a scared Daphne from its grasp with a surprisingly deft


motion, and Gia cuts one of the hydra heads off-never thought that would cause


more problems or more heads in this case. Alexandra cuts another head off and


Clarissa sends a flaming arrow straight for the stump. Apparently, this works.


Different, but I can go with it. We run through the forest trying to elude the monster


with countless fire breathing heads pursuing us, our adrenaline going higher and


higher when we hear it scream in frustration. We get to camp and yell for backup


and brace ourselves for the worst. This will be by far the worst thing we have ever


encountered.  Althea took a tentative step towards Artemis and cuts her free.


She does not look so great after the persecution she has gone through. We use the


cut off head shoot flaming arrow method and finally take down the hydra. Looks like


things are back to normal-for now.







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Catrina woke up both scared and excited for her first day of Kindergarten.  Her mom walked into her room and said, “Hey honey, time for your first day of Kindergarten.”  “Okay, mommy,” said Catrina.  As she got dressed she thought about what would happen on the first day of school.  Her mind was racing about the different things that could happen on her first day of school: She could be bullied, the kids could be mean, all these bad things could happen.  She thought about these things when she was ravenously eating her favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes.  The only thing that snapped her out of her trance was when the car roared to life.


It was a humid day outside, Catrina noticed, as she stepped out of the car.  Her mom squeezed her hand tightly and walked her through the front door.  She walked through the door and every feeling of nervousness diminished. Everywhere was filled with toys and other fun activities. She heard some boys yelling, “Bakugan Brawl!”  She walked around and then looked back to wave goodbye to her mother with a big smile on her face. She turned back around and she was facing a little boy with black hair and blue eyes. He was playing with the blocks and was looking at her. She smiled and in a casual gesture waved at the little boy with a slash of brown freckles across his nose. He smiled and motioned her to come over.


After a couple minutes of playing, the teacher swiveled in her chair, stood up and said, “Everybody, come gather round”. Catrina left her and the boys tower so they could return to it.  Then the teacher declared, “My name is Mrs. Ingrid and I will be your new teacher.” She had a loud yet affectionate.  As she turned everyone had stifle a laugh because she had splendid hot pink bun of hair behind her head. She wrote her name in the board and said “ I have a surprise for you, I brought cupcakes.” They are on the back table.” At this the children stampede to the table, putting the block tower in jeopardy. The boy appeared by the girl side and accompanied her to the table with cupcakes. As they got there Catrina say vanilla cupcakes. Then the boy said, “Cupcakes don’t really appeal to me.” “What, you don’t like cupcakes?” another boy said. “Nope, the boy said.”   The other boy sneered.  “That’s weird, you’re a weirdo.” The boy said, laughing, and started persecuting the boy. “Let’s go.” Catrina said, as they transferred to another table.   Then the teacher said, “Okay, boys and girls, do you know what segregate means?”  The boy that Catrina had met raised his hand.  “Yes?”  The teacher said.  “It means to separate or divide.” “ Correct!” the teacher said.   Then the bell rang, and the teacher said, “Okay, time to go!”  Catrina’s mom got there, and so did the boys. “ Bye” the boy said “Bye” Catrina said. All of a sudden she remembered- “Wait, what is you name?” “Chase,” he replied “What’s yours?” “Catrina.” He smiled and left. So Catrina got in the car, and when her parents asked what happened today, Catrina replied, “after all the pomp and ceremony, Im just happy to have made a friend.”


And Catrina’s friendship with that little boy was perpetual.



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January 23, 2011

Dear Diary,

I have a secret, but we will talk about that later. Today was my birthday I am now official 18, and I love my life. My name is Dakota Autumn.  I finally broke up with my boyfriend Sean King, he was VERY  arrogant.

 I got this diary for my birthday. I thought it was going to be stupid, but I like it. I now have a new love. He’s a little older me and I think he is very sweet. We have a very strange relationship, but I wont get in to details.  

January 30,2011

Dear Diary,

Today was a great day. I got to see my crush again during Social Studies, and he even talked to me!  I was in a triumph when I left because I actually had a conversation with him! When I was talking to him, I learned that we’re very different, but that just increased my affection for him. They say that opposites attract. Well, I am already giving away too much so that’s all for now.

The Long Expedition

            One day not too long ago, there was a family of three. Their names were Sam, Emily, and Lauren. Sam was the dad, Emily was the older sister, and Lauren was the youngest sister. Sam was getting ready to vacate on a long expedition. He told Emily that he had to keep Lauren safe. He had to go to a very important ceremony, and he couldn’t bring his daughters with him.  Emily was vital about being home alone, though she didn’t know what was awaiting her once her dad left. Emily and Lauren were worried that he would get lonely during his trip. He told them that his horse would accompany him. Sam made a quick hand motion-waving bye. They watched him dissolve into the trees. All of a sudden, Lauren started crying loudly. Emily tried to soothe her in a loving way promising his return. Lauren plummeted herself into the dirt making herself squalor. Emily clasped Lauren’s arm. “GET UP!” Emily yelled. That just made Lauren’s yells even louder. Then Emily said, “Sorry I am very ravenous this morning.”  Lauren’s yelling was perpetual. The only bad thing about this scene was that their lives were in jeopardy.

            Lauren looked up and her crying stopped, she got up and ran into the house. Emily was confused, so she looked up too. Up in the air to meet her gaze was an antic witch. There was abundant evidence that it was an evil witch. Emily screamed at the top of her lungs and emerged into the house. They heard the witch laugh an evil laugh. Lauren was close to fainting when she asked, “What do we do?!” Emily replied, “We HAVE to get out of here!” Lauren was diligent and started gathering her needed supplies. They went to the computer room and Lauren’s eloquent acceptance speech. They retrieved it and ran outside. The witch spotted them and started going after them. She caught up and then reached out to grab them and in one quick motion she grabbed them. She yelled in triumph. “YESSSS!!!” The witch took the sisters to her castle and locked them in a dark room. They were there for five days.

            After the fifth day the sisters were tired of being there. They made a daring plan for their escape. On the good side, they did have they supplies they needed to get out, and on the bad hand they could possibly be caught. They decided that they would wait until the next day to leave. While they lied in bed that night, Emily told her younger sister, “You have to leave first, and if anyone needs to get home it is you. Dad told me to protect you. I already got us caught and you need to be safe.” “NO!” Lauren yelled, “We are going to leave together, that is how we got here that is the way we are going to leave.” Emily had to let that set in for a while then replied, “Yeah, but I got us into this now I am getting us out.” Lauren had tears coming in her eyes, “But I love you and daddy and I want to keep both of you, we already lost mommy. Why are we always the target of the bad people, sissy? Why?” She was crying at this point. “Shhhhh.”  Emily told her. “Dad will be here tomorrow.” They fell asleep without another word. Early in the morning they made their escape and returned home. Once they were there they went to their room.

            The witch walked up the long curvy staircase to check on the sisters. She opened the door silently to find them gone. She was outraged. She ran down the staircase and went to get her broomstick and rode to their house. She was circling around the house trying to get them to come out of the house. They wouldn’t budge. The witch tried everything. She went through all of the tricks in the book (literally). Out of nowhere came a clanking noise. The witch looked around mysteriously when she noticed Sam coming on his way back. “Uh oh.” The witch muttered to herself. When Sam noticed that his daughters hadn’t come out of the house to greet him he was questionable. He looked in the air and saw the witch. He jumped off his horse and got his rope, Lauren and Emily watching from inside cheering him on. He caught the witch with his rope throwing her to the ground, he got out his knife and stabbed her continuously. He was outraged to see the same witch that killed his wife come after his daughters. Emily and Lauren walked outside to greet their dad. Lauren was a little scared of her dad at the moment. Sam said, “I brought you something, are you okay?” They both nodded with wide smiles on their child faces. They walked inside and played with their gifts. THE FAMILY LIVED HAPILY EVER AFTER!


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