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We are a class of Year 7 digital learners. We will share our learning journey with you on this site. At Mokoia we focus on respect, relishing learning and reflection. Please leave us a comment to encourage us. Enjoy

by Ryan N teacher: Puarenga4 Mokoia
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Title: Homework - Term 4, Week 3 and 4. 'Creating Awesome Ads'. (11/09/11)
Description: 'Hi P4". We are up to Week 3 already! Well done for your wonderful behaviour and enthusiasm at all three of our Life Ed. sessions on Puberty. Bernie was super impressed with you all. We'll see if any other class can beat our 'fast facts' score of 47! Wow, we rock!! If you have time at home you might like to make a thank you card for Bernie.
Please make sure you get your Alt. Ed. forms and money in over the next few weeks. Remember your school fees, including digital, and the full amount for your Alt. Ed activity must be paid by next Friday, Nov. 18. I can't wait until week 7! It is a great way to celebrate the end of a fantastic year's work.
Athletics Day is next Wed., 16 November. Your jobs for the next two weeks are:
1. Reading - 20 mins or more every night.
2. Spelling - you will be buddy tested this Friday.
3. Quiz - answers only circled on the sheet. Research your information carefully.
4. 'Creative Ads'. You have until Friday 18th to complete this. Design a new product to sell. Try and create something that interests you. You may choose an area such as: sport - gear or clothing, animals, musical instruments, bikes, a new game... Get thinking and be creative. When you have designed your product you need to create an advertisement to sell it. Think about your target audience. Your ad needs to include lots of emotive language, a catchy name and slogan, a a clear picture and a price.
You may choose how you sell your new product. You may make an ad by hand, create a model, use the computer - publisher or word or make a short power point. Have fun and I look forward to seeing your finished ad next Friday.
*** Stars of the Week are... Jason Hingston and Jessie Heke.***
Have a fantastic week.

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Sup! My name is Ryan. I go to Mokia intermediate and i am in p4. I really enjoy rugby and cricket. Im a tipicail boy that wants to do his own thing. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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