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by Bryanna B teacher: Puarenga4 Mokoia
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I woke up at 6:34 0n the 7th of March, and thought I was forgetting something.  Then I remembered that this morning nearly everyone in Puarenga would be meeting in the hall, to go to Camp Rotoma.  We were going to study wildlife in the bush, survival skills, and also take part in team building.

Our first and probably on of the most scariest activities was fun but frightful kayaking.  The sun was beating down on us, but the morning air cooled us down.  My kayaking buddy was Jaime-Lee.  As we  paddled out around the bays in our lime-green kayak, I was really enjoying it, until our kayaking instructor ,Dave , yelled out something too quiet for me to hear.  Suddenly the water changed into a evil dark grey-ish colour.  Then we were surrounded by dead trees.  I was so scared I stopped padding for a while!!!  Once we reached the bay, we played a few games, then decided to head back to the camp site.  I was so hot I thought I could have fried an egg on the ground!!

While at Camp, all the girls had to share five cramped, filthy port-o-loos.  At the start of the week, they were fine, but they just kept getting filthier and filthier by the minute.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs Sargison for cleaning out the filthy, cramped port-o-loos.  Every night was a mission because we had to brush our teeth using a water bottle!  Out of the whole week we had one shower using a bucket. Even though our soap was as sandy as trying to have Fish’n’chips on the beach, it was great fun.

Tug’o’war on Wednesday was amazingly, astonishingly awesome.  It was like being in a cowboy movie, standing face to face, waiting for the whistle to be blown.  At that time it was also just starting to rain. We came second place but that’s only because the ground was extremely uneven.  On one side, the ground was as flat as a pancake, and the other side was as wonky as a donkey!  I declare a rematch!

That same night was the exhilarating but spooky BURMA TRAIL.  Being group one, we had to go first! There was also a loopy man on the loose, and on top of all of that, Jaime-Lee was behind me pulling  on the back of my hoodie so hard that I couldn't scream!  When we entered the exhilarating but spooky Burma trail, it was not completely dark, there was a small round, apple shaped moon.  Overall it was really enjoyable.

On the last night of camp, we had our camp concert.  Of course I thought our group should have come first’ but we came third anyway.  The generator also thought it was a good time to switch one of our spot lights out.  When it was our turn to perform our American Idol skit, I was as nervous as a turkey on Thanksgiving.  Group four came first with their performance on ‘What Not To Do At Camp’.  Group 12 came second with their accurate impersonation of Matua Del.  I think that although all did a great job.

Overall ‘Camp Rotoma’ was very enjoyable, and different to normal camps. I am really looking forward to next years camp at Thornton with flushing toilets, and warm showers.[LINK]" o:title="LUMIX MAR 2011 734">



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