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Hi everyone we are a composite class in New Zealand. We love God, learning and sport! We hope you will check out our blogs and see all the wonderful learning we are doing.

by Iris teacher: Bright Sparks
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It was 11 a.m. one more hour until the big soccer game. Louis and Dylan are brothers, also twins. Louis was smart, intelligent and keen on doing everything while Dylan was just plain irresponsible. He would always lose things. They had to go to the field so they could practise.

“Dylan gets ready, we have to go to the field so we can practise,” said Louis loudly in a rush, “Put on your socks and shoes and let’s go!”

 “Wait,” said Dylan, “I can’t find my socks!!”

“Use one of mine,” said Louis.

“Ooh no! Yours smell,” said Dylan making a face.

 “Did you look in the cupboard?’’ asked Louis.


 “Did you look in the clothes pile?”


 “Did you look in under the bed?”


 “When was the last time you had them?”

 “Well, I went to the drycleaners, then to the post shop, then to the park.”

“Ok, we’ll go to the drycleaners first,” said Louis. “Get your bike.”


 As they were heading off, they went past the old man’s house, down to Harry’s house (their friend) and finally to the drycleaners.

“A-ha! A clue!” said Dylan

“Dylan this is not a mystery”

“I think it is,” said Dylan.

“Well it’s not.” said Louis in an angry tone.

They went inside the store.

“Hello how can I help you,” said the store lady.

“Did you see any socks?” said Louis “my thoughtless brother lost his socks.”

“Hey I am not thoughtless” said Dylan in an angry mood.

The store lady continued and said,

                                                                             “You mean the ones with strips                                                                             

“Yes” said Louis he just wanted to get this done and over with.

“No I haven’t seen them.”


 Continuing onto the post shop, they opened the door and stepped in. Dylan just burst out saying, “A-ha, a piece of string!”

“Dylan! You dumbo. I told you that this is not a mystery. It’s you losing your socks!”

“I was trying to have a moment,” Dylan muttered, looking at Louis with a serious face, “and I didn’t lose it. I misplaced it!”

“Dylan it’s the same thing!” said Louis.


They continued and asked the guy at the store. He told them he hadn’t seen them. They went to the park. Louis looked around the swings and Dylan looked around the slide. After all the looking, Louis said, “Have you found your socks?”


“Let’s just go back home and you can use mine,” said Louis. He felt bit disappointed.

An hour had past from all their all thing searching. They needed to get to the field. They biked home. Dylan’s jaw sagged as he went home. Dylan flipped onto his bed looking up at the ceiling. It was quiet for a second, when all of a sudden mom walked in and announced, “Let’s go boys!”Dylan looked at Louis in disappointment. Mom continued,

“Oh Dylan, while I was looking for my earring I found your socks with the stripes. Don’t you need them for practice?”

“Where were they?” said Dylan loudly.

                                                    “Under you bed!” replied Mom.                                                        

“Dylan! We wasted all that time going around town time to find your socks when they were under your bed that whole time!” said Louis angrily, his face almost turning red.


“Dylan you thoughtless person!”

“Boys I’ll be in the car, put your shoes on and let’s go!” said Mom.

                                                      “Wait!” said Dylan.                                                                

                                                       “What?” asked Louis curiously.                                                              

“Where’s my shoes gone?”      

                                 There was a long pause. Finally Louis replied, “Dylan you’re on your own!”                                          

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