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Hi everyone we are a composite class in New Zealand. We love God, learning and sport! We hope you will check out our blogs and see all the wonderful learning we are doing.

by AJ teacher: Bright Sparks
Blog Entries

In April 6, 1977, a terrible incident happened. Earl and his Swiss friend, Victorman were hiking in Lafayette, Indiana. They stumbled onto a hole in the ground."Isn't this the  cavern where they found old man Ahab?" Earl asked. But, Victorman jumped in. Earl shrugged, and jumped in with him. It was a grassy cavern with a square lantern. One path was a pit with a rickety bridge. Another had holes with mines in them. On the wall was a chalk map.The white lines were walls, the black dot was a massive hole, with a platform above it. The brown square was a cell elavator with various green, blue, orange and red squares among a stoplight. The final sketch was a green area which represented pesticide gas, with brown rectangles, which were piles of attic junk. Victorman ran over the bridge with Earl yelling,"Hey wait!" The echo caused the hole to plug up with stones and as his friend entered a door with a carving of three stars and a sun, the bridge fell apart. Earl cautiously walked past the land mine holes and went into the second carved door.

Earl then succeeded the coloured trapdoor hatch puzzle, using the controlled cellar elevator and followed the light pattern of the four coloured stop light. A twister alarm triggered and the third carved door opened. He moved the elevator, lowered it and passed through. The third trial was simple. He walked carefully on the red metal net structure and into another door. He was in a small area with square hole at the end. He hopped in. After getting up, he gagged and fumbled up a pile of attic junk. He breathed in air and found some branch stilts, then used them to get to the ledge with the fourth door. He entered and found Victorman next to a cellar elavator."Where have you been?"asked Victorman. Through a lot!" exclaimed Earl. The elavator lead to an underground lake with a stone hill that lead to a boat. In the middle of the lake was a small grass island with a shack. They rowed to the island. Sitting on a chair was Ahab's skeleton, complete with blue overalls, brown leather shoes, a red shirt, a horseman's cape(with blue fuzz studding the collar) and a deer head dress. "He's real!"said Victorman, all wide eyed. "I've found a way out!" said Earl. They looked up. There was a well made from a hole, two planks, a baby mobile piece(for a wheel) with the stud of an office chair's screw topped on. A freakishly 31cm long screw went through the first plank to the second. They went into the shack.

Inside was a swag of anchovy skeletons, a flute, a guitar, an axe, a crossbow, a fishing rod and an ejected fighter plane chair.They took the seat and the fishing rod. Earl then grabbed the bow the skeleton clutched, plucked off the string, put it on the hook and pushed the hook with such force, it latched. There is a rectangle steel tray tied to the well, sitting next to it. Earl caught it and it fell to the middle of the island. He stowed the ejected seat on and sat. Victorman climbed the rope and cranked the wheel until the tray made its way up. Earl lifted himself off the seat."Don't tell anyone about this,"he exclaimed. "Sure," said Victorman. They speedily walked back to the camp site. 

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