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We are a class of Year 6,7 & 8 students, aged from about 9 years old through to 13 year olds. We live in a small rural community in the North Island of New Zealand. We have a fantastic school where we are offered lots of fun and challenging learning experiences.

by Chloe teacher: Lynda Bullock
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The long echoes from the horrifying hydraslide filled my ears, butterflies drained my stomach with terror as we opened the door. My body felt as stiff as an iceberg floating around in the Antarctic Ocean. I slipped as we ran on the icy steps higher and higher we went. My fear of heights got worse “finally, we have reached the snowing cold Mount Everest’’ Izaria yelled. The horrifying hydraslide looked like a cave filled with cavemen and red eyed water breathing dragons. As we slid down the hydraslide I got flipped onto my stomach and my heart started racing like a treadmill going faster and faster. As I got to the end Izaria and I went to the floatable. It looked like a rainbow reflecting off the water “come on Chloe” yelled Izaria “Na” I replied then she started making chicken noises at me so I jumped in the pool. "Ahhh peace at last." I said to myself 1 hour later after all the swimming I finally decided not to be a chicken and went on the floatable for the first time in my life. The lady told me that I could go so off I went just like a rocket heading to mars. On the first obstacle, until I jumped, I was yelling to myself "Yeah I passed it!" Jump!. Then water got squirted into my face and I fell off. The third time I made it but I was holding the line up and I could hear everyone saying "hurry up grandma!" Five minutes later we headed for home I was exhausted ZZZZZzzzzzz!
The end

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