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We are a class of Year 6,7 & 8 students, aged from about 9 years old through to 13 year olds. We live in a small rural community in the North Island of New Zealand. We have a fantastic school where we are offered lots of fun and challenging learning experiences.

by Ariana teacher: Lynda Bullock
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Rugby World Cup
My family felt the tension as the ball was kicked off to start the game. I was surrounded by the people I love mum, dad and Shylah. We knew how much this meant to not just us but the whole of N.Z. watching this amazing event. Tackle after tackle it seemed as if the All Blacks were going nowhere. Then turn over and the ball was kicked by France back down in the All Black territory. More tackles in play but a try was awarded by the referee to France. The whistle was blown to represent half time. At this time I was getting more nervous and worried. The second half had started. And about 10min in we were sitting on the edge of our seat witnessing All Blacks first try by Tony Woodcock the whole stadium got to their feet and cheered and cheered but unfortunately they missed the conversion. Now the score was 7-5 to the France team. I know we were still in the game to win the cup!!Now the France team was so close to a try but dirty play was seen by the referee so a penalty was awarded to the All Blacks will they get it? Yes! Yes! It was over8-7 to the All Blacks. If the All Blacks keep the ball in play for 5 more minutes then we win. The All Blacks did exactly that and we won the game!! I was proud because we won the R.W.C. and also relieved because the All Blacks had won against France and because the R.W.C was over. We didn’t celebrate in a special way unfortunately but it was fun witnessing the rugby games.

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