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by Shon K

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Freewrit May

People think the worst and meanest dogs are the pit bulls. Pit bulls are not mean dogs they are just misunderstood. One reason they seem mean is because drug dealers use them as protection. They also use them as fighting dogs to make extra money. Some people may think pit bulls would be bad to be around children but they really are good dogs. The pit bull is also known as a Stafford terrier or also known as the nanny dog because they are good with children. The reason they are called pit bulls is because they were used in illegal dog fight in a pit or also known as a ring.

On the news a year ago was a football player known as Michael Vick has been charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty and illegal dog fighting. More than half of them dogs are rehabilitated and they are now helping the elderly and they are also used as police dogs. The pit bull is actually a nice dog they were just mistreated and raised the wrong way. People say that the pit bull can lock its jaw but it really doesn’t it is the way the structure of their jaw is constructed. Pit bulls are a great companion they are greatly misunderstood. One reason they are great companions is because they will obey all commands. They are such great companions that even police are now using them as k9 dogs.

They are misunderstood because they have been mistreated so they attack because they were raised inappropriately. Another reason pit bulls are misunderstood is because television they are seen with gang members. Pit bulls are seen in dog fights because they are one of the toughest dogs. One fact known about pit bulls are they were actually used in wars. The pit bull is made of two different dogs and was originated in England.

Article posted May 17, 2012 at 09:02 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 474

Article posted May 17, 2012 at 08:44 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 258

Shon K.

March Free write

Dogs are mans best friend but some are better and more loyal. I decided to write my March free write about Pit bulls and how people always think badly about them. When really Pit bulls are not bad dogs it’s really all about the breeder the owner and how you raise them.

The breeder has a lot to do with how a Pit becomes. If you breed a Pit bull to be bad then you’re not doing good for yourself your just making the dog look bad when really you’re the one to blame. Pit bulls always get a bad rap when there one of the sweetest dog’s.

When you own a Pit bull or any dog for a matter of fact you should not raise them to be bad to fight. You should raise a dog to be a good companion like a buddy or a friend. Not someone who will fight or even end up dead. Not only will you end up in jail for dog fighting but its cruelty to animals and it’s wrong. And if you really wanted to own a dog you would never treat and animal like that.

If you raise a Pit bull puppy from the time it’s young till the time it’s older and you don’t fight them or play ruff you can have a great Pit bull on your hands. If you raise then to be a killer and fight and be tuff then you might have to worry. Pit bulls get a bad rep when you treat them bad like any dog its not just how you raise a Pit it’s mainly just based on how you raise any dog and how you treat any dog. A Pitt bull is no different than a lab or a German shepherd.

So in conclusion know that Pit bulls are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. Pit bulls are sweet and very kind. Raise them to be good and kind and you will have the most amazing dog ever.

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year the Christmas Gifts seeing snow, visiting family, and getting presents.

I like seeing snow on Christmas because I can drag my sister on a sled on my quad. I also like the snow because we get snow days off of school.

For Christmas I’m going to ask for a pet baby alligator because I think it would be different and because I like reptiles. I’m also going to ask for a new gun for hunting. Maybe I will also ask for a compound bow for hunting. Most importantly I’m going to ask my parents to go visit my family cause they live far away. Its also been about a year since I seen them. I think it would be nice to visit.

It would be nice to visit because family is the only thing you will ever have. Family is one thing I really want to see for Christmas because you only get one real family.

On Christmas day I found out we have a family of bears on our property. Also we have a bobcat and a mountain lion on our property once in a while but our dogs chase them away. These are a few things that happened on Christmas.