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“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
― B.B. King

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Jerk, California - Jonathan Friesen


Jerk, California  

Jonathan Friesen

     Sam Carrier has been mistreated his whole life. His stepdad, his peers. They all see him as the freak. Sam has Tourette's Syndrome. At six years old, he is beridden with a disease in which he looses control of his body. Twitches, shivers, shakes, and more overcome his body violently. His teachers call him socially maladaptive, or unable to socially adjust. Only, Sam knows it is not he that cannot adjust, it is the others who cannot adjust around him. He developes a secret crush on Naomi, a track runner who seems to be the only person who does not judge him based on his disease. Sam is apprenticed to George, a gardener and landscaper with a harsh view on life. George listens to him, but tries not to show his affection, using a rough and callused voice of reason. Abused by his stepdad, tortured by his own mind, Sam sets out on a twisted trail scribbled on a map passed down to him; a map with notations and dates directly refering to himself. A journey from place to place along the twisted map of his life.


     The author of this book struggles with Tourette's Syndrome. Having met Jonathan personally, I can vouch for the truth behind this novel. Jerk, California is a fictionized version of an autobiography, with exagerated instances taken from reality, and lessons anyone can learn from. He put a such a sense of truth into this novel, and I highly reccomend it.



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