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5th grade class learning with technology.


teacher: Nancy Crosby

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In The Witch Of black bird pond, (sorry I couldn't underline it) Kit has to face a new situation in her life. Now I have to tell you about a time that I had to face a new situation.

Not along time and not in a galaxy far away, Mateo Rasmussen moved from Texas to... ARIZONA=http://!!. When I first got there I was really excited because we had a HUGE pool and a big house and everything was awesome! That was until It was school time. I was sooooo nervous that I almost peed my pants, wait, no, my shorts. I was afraid that I will never make any friends and I will have to make imaginary ones! Believe it or not, I made friends!!! My first non imaginary friend was named Ralph. He was tall, blonde and skinny. He was cool. Life went on until, SCREECH! My dad said we were buying a bigger house and we were moving to a different school!

So I went through the same process as before. I was nervous, I peed my shorts and blah blah blah. BUT, another mirical happend! I made some other friends at that school! But my best friend there was a Mormon named Jack. He was as tall as Reece, dirty clonde hair, and BEAST at QB.

When we found out that my dad got a better job in this weird place called Rino or something like that and we would have to move AGAIN, I literally flipped out, I was so pissed. So in the middle of the school year, I transfered schools.

When we arrived in Reno and I went to Hunsberger for the first time and saw my class, I was like, Wow, my class is that ugly? Just kidding I actually said Cool class. So I had to adapt to the snowy, dry Reno.

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