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5th grade class learning with technology.

by teacher: Nancy Crosby
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Well I am trying to figure out what to chose. I am thinking about embarrising or misunderstood something. Just give me a moment okay. Well I have decided I choose well I am just stalling untill I actualy have chose one. Well now I have figured out. I am going to write about Me misunderstood something.

Okay you all know how Tyler thought she would flunk sixth grade because she had no family tree or do well on it. Well she didn't have a family tree because papa married an english woman and he is amish. So his family never talked to him again. So he never saw his family and didn't like to talk about it. So then Tyler didn't have any information on there family.

I have misunderstood lots of stuff in my life. But the one I have chosen is when I misunderstood my mom. Well here's my story. I was in kindergarten and my mom and me were going to pick up my brother. My mom told me to go and wait for my brother at the doors he came out,then walk down the hill. I went and got my brother. He asked where mom was I said she told us to walk down the hill. But I walked down the big hill that you come up to get to school. She ment walk down the hill where her car was. Her car was down by sadge ridge . ( and I know I was pretty stupid back then).

Well what happened was pretty bad. Okay my brother and I got down to the bottom of the hill and my mom wasn't there. So we just sat there at the bottom of the hill for about fifteen minutes. Until my mom got really worried and started driving around. She drive down the hill and saw we were just sitting there. When we got in the car I got yelled at a lot and a lot and a lot ohh did I mention I got yelled at a lot.

Well thats it for now. Bye bye bye.

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