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by teacher: Nancy Crosby
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There are a lot of places that I would like to go on vacation, but for me to blog about it I need to LOVE it. After about 5 minutes of extremely hard thinking, I’ve come down to two. The first place is a place that no one who has read this (or is reading it) has ever seen, and I just LOVE this idea. I’d like to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs. Not just any time of the dinosaurs, the cretatious period. I’d like to see how dinosaurs really got extinct and witness it but escape just in time! before I did that I would scuba dive with dinosaurs. Speaking of scuba diving with giant creatures, I read in a scuba magazine that a guy scubas with an elephant named Rajah. That’s no joke. Anyways, doing what I would do (if I did it successfully) would probably make me go down in the books as a famous something. I could also find new kinds of dinosaurs. I could go on and on about this but I’ve got too much more to write about. I guess that this “vacation” really isn’t much of a vacation, but an exploration would be a better description.

My second place is another place that I just LOVE. It would be going back to Orlando. I would like to do that because the rides at their theme parks never get old. I also love the warm weather that never leaves Orlando. The only bad part is that Disney World and Universal Studios are just big “money pits.” A money pit is a place that kind of sucks your money. This vacation is more of a vacation.

Now’s the most fun part in my opinion, as you might have guessed, it’s time to debate the two places. I’ll start with good things and move into the bad. One good thing about the dinosaur trip is that I good become really famous and rich. Another good thing is that I would be the first to ever travel back in time. The last good thing (that I’ve thought of so far) is that I have always wanted to meet a real dinosaur, so that would be a great accomplishment for me. Okay, so that’s 3 good things for the dinosaur trip!Shall I tell you the good things about the Orlando vacation? (again, that I’ve thought of so far.) One is that I would get to do all the wonderful rides that I love again and again. I’d also love to get Butterbeer a lot. The last reason is that I would get a lot of exercise from doing all the running to get from ride to ride. That’s 3 good things about the Orlando trip! A tie! How extraordinary! So now I guess that we’ll have to say the bad things. Let’s start with dinosaur trip again. One obvious bad thing is that I might get eaten. Another is that I might not escape the meteor in time. 2 bad things for that trip, and so now we will say the bad things about Orlando. One is that I could get sun burnt so I can’t do rides. An easy one to see is that I might run out of money with buying food, getting into the parks, and the room fee. I highly doubt this one but it’s a possibility that I could get tired of the sunshine. 3 bad things for Orlando!

I guess we have a winner! The dinosaur vacation wins it all! Do you agree and why? Comment your answer! I really liked both, so it was really hard to choose. What did you like about the choices? You can comment that too! Wow, this was really exciting. I sure do LOVE the winner! Stay tuned for some more episodes of The Colton Show, (my other blogs) and you can see older episodes by going to www.crosyville.wikispaces.com, going onto Mrs. Crosby’s blog, clicking on Colton, and scrolling down. See you next time on The Colton Show!

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