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5th grade class learning with technology.

by teacher: Nancy Crosby
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Hey fellow bloggers! Oddly, I feel sad about the school year coming to an end . Unlike any teacher Mrs. Crosby makes learning fun, I mean we got to blog and next year we might skype . Good thing Mrs. Crosby is moving up with us!

This year I feel like I have improved on a lot of things. I've learned that the more strict teacher you have ( I mean that in a good way) the more you learn. I think I have definitely  improved on my reading skills. I have finally learned to slow down and ask questions when I don't understand something, HOORAY! Another thing I think I have improved on is math. I have now know my multiplication and division facts I could probably say them in my sleep. Also I have learned that you can never give up. If you stay frustrated will only make things worse, but if you keep trying then soon you will soon understand. Last year I struggled with math and even got so frustrated with math homework at home that I would start crying  ( awful, right).

In fifth grade I would like to do blogging. It has helped me with my writing and typing skills. Even though I type with only two fingers I am still pretty fast. Also I would like to make picture books again. I think they help our brains think of new and interesting ideas. Now I am considering becoming an author, I mean just thing about it, I could live in New York and wear cute trench coats and read the New York times, I would be living the life. Well you get the story.

One thing I am doing this summer is going up to Kids University. It is up at UNR. you get to take fun classes in the morning and then walkup to Joe Crowley to eat lunch. Then you get to watch part of a movie and then... You get to go swimming. Also I am taking a week long vacation up at Lake Almonor where we are renting a cabin. I am super excited! Oh wait theres one thing I forgot to mention, I will be working on my fashion skills! 


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