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The main topic that I’m going to write about is the time I misunderstood something like the time Tyler thought she was going to flunk 6th grade. I remember when I was 5 I really wanted to be an artist. (My drawings were not very good when I was 5!!). So my mom she always supported me and one day my mom said “Ben you are so good why don’t you draw me a picture and we will hang it up on the wall.” She meant to draw it on a sheet of paper and we will hang it up in the wall but I thought that she meant to draw a picture on the wall not on a piece of paper.
So when my mom hopped in the bath and started reading her book, I went into my room and grabbed all of the crayons and markers I could find. Then I went back out into the hallway I started to work my magic. I grabbed my blue marker and drew a big blue smiley face. Then I grabbed five crayons in one hand and five markers in the other and I scribbled all over the wall! To finish off my drawing I wrote “I love you Mommy,” at the bottom of the wall.
When my mom finished reading her book in the bath she got out and went to check on how I was doing. She found me in her bedroom watching Barney. She asked where my picture was and so I walked out to the hall and showed her. She was crying because she had to clean all of this off the wall. But she couldn’t really yell at me because I was so proud of myself. She sent me to my room until she finished cleaning off the drawings. That is when I misunderstood something like Tyler.

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