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Julia Jumpropes Jorneys

Welcome to Room 201's Classroom Blog. Third graders from Maryland who are posting their creativity for others to enjoy!


teacher: Michael Sandridge

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This picture reminds me when I was at the zoo. In the cage was a couple of white tigers. Here are the things that were the same: there is a cage in this picture and also there is stuff in the backround. This picture also reminds me of when I went to the junkyard with my dad. We went to the junkyard because my mom had some stuff my brother hd some stuff I had some stuff and my dad had a worn out t.v. I rember when all the trash was being smashed. I also rember when I saw all that trash. THERE WAS SO MUCH=http://!

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I have a dog,Jake,a guani pig,ELF,2 cats,Nancey & Jamie,and a lizerd,Zock. I have a older brother named Matthew,my mom,and my dad. I LOVE to write and now I get to share it with the world!!! My favoriete football team is the Redskins & the Stellers. My pearsonal favorite books I wrote is the series Space Chimps. There is alot of exitment and battel in these books. Im hopeing to see some great comments! Enjoy! -Julia :]

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