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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Trip to Paris, France
Personal Narrative.

Oh my goodness they don’t even let me sleep in this house peacefully anymore! My mom woke me up at Two Thirty in the morning I asked," Mommy why on earth are you waking me up at Two Thirty in the morning!?" she answered," You forgot we are traveling to Paris so get up and brush your teeth." I got up and brushed my teeth wore my jogging suit and ran to call my brothers to wake up it took five minutes for them just to get out of their beds! We were all ready! We said goodbye to our helpers and told our driver to come he took us to the airport. We waited in the lounge for two hours until a lady told us that we were late for our plane. We ran to the plane and luckily we made it just in time. The ride was five hours from Beirut to Paris, in those five hours we played with our iPod Touches and watched T.V. in the airplane. When we finally arrived it was so beautiful! We went to the airport of Paris and took our bags and went to rent our car, first we were going to rent a BMW but our stuff couldn’t fit in the bag. So we rented a Citroen. It was raining so much we went to our hotel called "Golden Tulip" and unpacked after that we went to explore we say the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triumph when we saw them all we took some pictures and went back to our hotel and slept. The next day we went to eat lunch first in Bartalini I ate fettuccini with my brothers. After that we went to see Versai and the Louvre. We toured Paris. We acted as if we live there because we bought stuff from the Supermarket they even have a TSC plus there! My mom bought us some clothes from there too like some GAP shirts and sweatshirts. When we finished it started raining we drove to the hotel very fast. We stayed up till Twelve then went to sleep the next day we didn’t do anything it was time to live Paris. Well I had a lot of fun in Paris. Read my next story to find out how much fun we had in Miami.

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