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by AM teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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Author: Alison Jackson
Genera: Fiction
Pages: 214
Settings: Shanti’s house, shanti’s cooking class, Evie’s home, and Evie’s dad’s home.
Connection: my first connection is that Evie loves to cook and I love to cook.
My second connection is when Evie throw something on the floor by accident and she was so embarrassed while she was in her cooking class I once throw something on the floor by accident in a just house I was also embarrassed like she was.
Main character:
Evie: Evie loves to cook she is patient she has brown hair and blue eyes.
Dad: Her dad writes cook books he is divorced with Evie’s mom and he is married to Angie and they are expecting twins.
Mom: Her mom teaches piano lessons and does not really know how to cook.
Angie: Is Evie’s step mother she is expecting twins she is very sweet and kind and she used to help Evie’s dad in his work that is how they met.
About the book: Evie is a thirteen years old girl her parents are divorced. She lives with her mom; her dad is married to Angie who used to work with him they are expecting twins. Her best friends name is Karyn they tell everything to each other. Evie has a neighbor that is old and mean her name is Mrs. Hamilton that has a cat called Millie which keeps hiding and Evie comes and looks for it and gets something for her from one of her recipes to try on Mrs. Hamilton. In the summer Evie signs up for a cooking class and there she meets a teacher that sells animals she used to be in a cooking show that is how Evie recognized the teacher her name is Shanti she is very nice. Her cooking partner is called Corey he is a bit better in cooking then her and Shanti is his aunt so he knows a lot about her. Corey almost has allergies from everything each time Evie gets with her to her cooking class he says he has allergies from it. Her mom is very sweet but does not know how to cook a lot Evie mostly does breakfast and dinner. Evie does not really like to talk to her step mom but later in the book they might be friends and might not.
Later in the book Evie might get a puppy and might not, because she has a big friendly dog called Mousse she loves him a lot but unfortunately he lives on her dad’s side.
About the author: The book egg over Evie was given 5 stars. Alison Jackson was born on 15 May 1960 in South Sea, Hampshire. She wrote “My Brother the Star” and “Blowing Bubbles with the Enemy” and of course “Eggs Over Evie.”

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