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by SJ teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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The history of ACS is a very important topic for students and teachers, so they can learn about the history.

       I was curious about the history of school so I decided to get information about it but of course I can’t tell you all the answers because ACS has a very long history.

       From year 1905 till year 2011, ACS has grown a lot and the purpose of that is that it has to do with the student’s education. ACS is a very good school but not the best but one of the best because we never want to be the best but we want to be better.

       Margaret Bliss is the first person to event ACS she went to collage then came back to be a teacher. She is a very smart and active girl and she likes to play around all the time.

       Like Margret bliss, bell Dorman is an important girl in the history of ACS. She is the daughter of the president of AUB and she was in charge of the girl’s scouts group. Bell is a very interesting girl she is too short for her age and she is an interesting girl to research about.

      At first ACS was called the Faculty School because it was only allowed to let in the children of AUB professors, but now all Lebanese children and other kids from other countries can attend.

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