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4th period

8th grade gifted English follows the 9th grade curriculum in the order of the 8th grade units. 8th grade gifted Extended Academics intends to stretch gifted learners as does 8th grade Extended Academics intends to enrich studies for students scoring well in mathematics on standardized tests.

by Caroline

teacher: Anita Roberts-Long

Class Assignments
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Today, since I was absent yesterday, I completed the worksheets on finding a career and narrowed it down to one of the five that I researched (English teacher). I searched about these two jobs: ELA teacher and actress, which I chose above running track, being a poet or a comedian.
While researching becoming an actress or actor, I found a great website that shows all of the ups and downs of that career and has lots of good information. I thought it was interesting when it said that it is best to start preparing to become an actor or actress at a young age. ([LINK])
I found that the same website had information on being a teacher too. Something interesting I found about being a teacher, is how many requirements there are. Also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics looks into a lot of what the teachers do.

Today I started and completed my Career Study sheet. I decided to change from ELA teacher to music teacher because I take piano and thought I would like that more. My mom helped me a little with a couple questions that I didn't understand at first. What I had trouble finding was what type of degree a music teacher must have. It was also a little difficult finding the income beginning and median, but eventually I found it. I am going to add the information off of my sheet to the Google docs.

Today I copied and pasted the information from the websites, which was really easy. I also put the MLA citations for all of the websites on the page. I noticed that Spencer typed up some information from a book that he found. The book source was actually what I was worried about because I thought it would be hard to find. The one that Spencer had used actually had a lot of good information and I am glad that he put that up there.

On my career study sheet, I didn't understand what it meant when it said expected job prospects. Miss Gutsmiedl explained to me what it meant, and today I fixed that section on my sheet. It was actually on one of the websites that was on the Google document. I also completed the Know and Want to know sections on my KWL handout.

Today, I created a source card for the book I used. I also made the note cards for the book. One other thing I did was start working on the definition sheet. I think that's pretty hard for me, considering the job I chose-music teacher. There aren't many words I don't know when it comes to music, since I play piano, so I think I will have a hard time completing that sheet. It took me about half of the class period just to find the first few words that I didn't know. I'm going to find all of the words first and then find all of the definitions at the same time.

Since we took the Edusoft test today, I only had about five minutes of class time to work, and in those five minutes I couldn't get A.R. to work on any of the computers. I wasn't able to get any work done, so I'll just give a summary of my research process. I'm finding that there are a lot of pros to being a music teacher that I would have never thought of. Despite the few cons, I think I made a good decision in choosing a music teacher as my career for this assignment. It also be a fun job for me too, considering that fact that I get play and listen to music everyday, and I love piano. Tomorrow I plan on finishing my vocabulary sheet.

As I predicted yesterday, it was hard to find enough words that I didn't know. I read over my entire Google docs. page, and only found about half of the words. After that, I decided I was going to have to dig a little deeper. I got on the Internet, and found a couple websites with some pretty good information about my career. I read over them and was able to find not only ten words, but enough words to fill all of the spaces in the chart. The rest of the chart was easy. What took the longest was probably finding the definitions of the words and the roots and word parts. Finding the connotation was the easiest part. For some of the words that didn't have any roots or word parts that I could find, I just put the origin of the word.

Since we reviewed the ABC strategy today, and then made notecards for the Louisiana box, I didn't work much on the i-Search project. What I did do though, was brainstorm ideas for the rough draft section due on Monday. I think that paper will be easy to write, and I am going to work more on it this weekend.

Today I started my What I Knew, Assumed, or Imagined paper. I wanted to have an interesting beginning that wasn't so boring (like most essays...). I brainstormed for a little while and then I came up with an idea and I think I made my paper a little more interesting (I hope). Since we have class time on Monday, I didn't finish writing the section, but at least I have a good start.

Since I started writing the rough draft yesterday and we have time on Monday, I'll just talk about what I think so far. I really like the fact that we're writing the paper in sections at a time. To me it would be harder to sit down and write the entire paper at once. With sections, you can divide the paper into things like what you knew assumed or imagined, or your research process. Also, it makes the paper flow better and gives you a better idea of what you are going to write about in each paragraph.

Today I finished writing my rough draft (of what I knew, assumed or imagined) in class. I got Cassidy to peer edit my paper. She pointed out what I didn't notice in the last paragraph which was that every sentence started with I. Right as she finished, the bell rang, so I wasn't able to fix anything but I plan to later this week.

Since we need 3-5 pictures for the "wow factor" in our brochure, I tried to find the most interesting ones I could. Even though I would like to be specifically a piano teacher, I decided not to make the pictures just about piano. I chose ones that were about music in general. The ones I picked had bright colors, were interesting, and made this career look interesting.

To make sure that I contributed equally to the Google Document page, I went back and added the bibliographies for some of the sites that the other person (Spencer) didn't add (he just put the URL). I made sure that the pictures I chose would give my brochure the "wow factor" (I hope).

Today I finished my KWL chart. I had already completed the K and W part, so today I just added the L section. That was easy because I already had all of the information on the Google Document and on my Career Study Sheet. After that, I added onto my paper about my research process. That was also easy because I was basically adding the information from my KWL chart. The only hard part was trying to make the paper interesting. I did the best that I could and I just have to finish the paper tonight (or tomorrow). The message in my paper, or the point, was that you shouldn't chose your career because of the money, you should chose it because you love it.

While I was looking over my Google Docs. page to see if I needed to add anything, I found a quote from a website that I hadn't noticed before. The quote was, "Teach kids to play music, and you have fed them for a lifetime. The fulfillment that teaching music brings can last just as long. Becoming a music teacher takes passion, a love for kids and also certain qualifications to teach in schools." I thought this quote was really neat, and decided that it would be a perfect way to end my "What This Means to Me."
I think I still have everything I need for the paper, and I'm finding it hard to find anything interesting that I might still want to put. There's not much more to add and I think my paper has enough information already. Also, I know this blog is about the iSearch research, but since I've basically covered all of that already, I'm also on the lookout for interesting facts that might help my brochure.

Today I interviewed my piano teacher. I was able to find a lot of useful information to add into my paper. She had some interesting answers which were very helpful to me.

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