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2nd period

8th grade gifted English follows the 9th grade curriculum in the order of the 8th grade units. 8th grade gifted Extended Academics intends to stretch gifted learners as does 8th grade Extended Academics intends to enrich studies for students scoring well in mathematics on standardized tests.

by Jacob

teacher: Anita Roberts-Long

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Family. In many societies, family comes before everything else: school, extracurricular activities, and even personal wants or needs. People are taught to respect and love their families. In Communist China, during the Cultural Revolution, young people were taught to dislike and even break ties with their mothers, fathers, and even grandparents. Jiang Ji-Li hated her grandfather for being a greed landlord. She almost went as far as changing her last name to have a new start and class status. Later, she realized her family loved her, and so she protected them from any form of danger. She even worked in a field in a rural farm community just to protect her father. She promised she would keep her family safe and never betray them. Se went from despising her grandfather and hating her family to wanting to protect and help her family no matter the danger or consequences. This is how I feel about my own family.
If anyone in my family were in danger, I would reach out to help the. I will support my family no matter what choices they make and protect them in whatever situation they are in. I love my family and would sacrifice myself to save them. Family is incredibly important to me, and I feel there is a bond between families which cannot be broken. I will always be there for my family and will help them out any time they are in need of it. I appreciate everything my family has done for me. I would help anyone in my family no matter the consequences, no matter how far away they are and no matter what I must do. I think Jiang Ji-Li felt the same way as me about the value and meaning of family.

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