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We are a fourth grade class on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Nikolas

teacher: Adam Dugger

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Title: Middle School Bloggin (01/25/11)
Description: We have just begun a new book called Report to the Principal’s Office by Jerry Spinelli. We enjoyed one of his other books earlier in the year. In this book, we have met Sunny Wyler, a girl that wants desperately to be moved to another school where her best friend Hillary goes. We also met Eddie Mott, a boy that wants to grow up and act more mature in middle school. Unfortunately, he has been tossed around the bus like a football. Finally, we met Salem Brownmiller, a girl that is excited about the world around her and wants to be a writer. She is always looking for a story.

Choose one of those characters. Write a blogging journal entry as if you were them and write about your experiences on the first day of school. Use what you remember from the story. In the next paragraph, write a letter back from Principal Brimlow giving them advice. Remember how much of an ‘optimist’ he is!

***Remember that a blog is NOT a journal. What you write can and will be viewed by other people, so DO NOT put any sensitive or personal information!***

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i am a boy in 4th grade. I like to play on the computer, play basketball and play baceball. my favorite color is green. my favorite subject in school is social studies. I don't like chocolate, i love everything disney, i like my dsi. my wii and going out to dinner and going to greek school

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